Lair Preview: Beyond the Bridge

This past week Sony and Factor 5 gave IGN a couple of hours to dig their heels into Lair to get a fiery taste of what's to come in some of the game's opening levels.

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Bhai4232d ago

"This is rather impressive as levels can be as large as 32x32km in size"...
(Double the size of Oblivion's world in some single stages of Lair, WOW !!!)

"boats and objects are actually buoyant and float as they naturally would. Explosions cause waves in the water, which in turn rocks anything that the waves come across."
(An ocean as immense as in Lair, with physics based simulation...its a next-gen gamer's dream come true, clearly it ain't just pretty textures !)

Also with solid 30FPS both in 720p and 1080p, physics based breakable environments, upgradable moveset and unhitched ground and air gameplay I bet this is going to be an excellent pick-up-and-play and showcase title for the PS3, also that this game defines the PS3 edge !!!

achira4232d ago

more than sold. sold twice.

CrazzyMan4231d ago

mostly epic like Oblivion, and perhaps even greater! =)
Sweeet! =)

SimmoUK4231d ago

Great Sony's starting to let the media in and started move new information about the games I can't wait for this one...

lil bush4231d ago

lair has a chance to be a new god of war game, or something of that, it has the chance to be a game of the year canidate.....