On the trail of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune + new screen shot!

With two massive PlayStation franchises already under its belt in the shape of Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter, it's surprising that developer Naughty Dog's debut PS3 project isn't more visible on the gaming radar. But apart from a couple of brief - albeit incredibly impressive - appearances, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune still remains something of an enigma.

So what do we know about Uncharted? Well, it's a third-person action adventure set primarily against a lush, jungle island backdrop and combines intrepid treasure hunting with gun play, brawling, puzzle solving, pirate dodging and a generous helping of death defying climbing and leaping.

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techie4265d ago

I wonder if you could emphasise that there is a new screen at the end! One that is not from the trailer and attach it would be great. It's very exciting.

sandip7874265d ago

a new article, or put that pic as the display pic?

techie4265d ago

That's perfect dude. I wonder where they got that from...seems like they have played the level everyone has been given recently.... Good find :) (ps. sounds and looks fave screen for a while)

VirtualGamer4265d ago

This is definately a game I am going to pick up. In a way it reminds me of Farcry. Can't wait to find out more.

MySwordIsHeavenly4265d ago

Just reserved it last week. I'm so excited!

You know what happened at Gamestop last week though?

I was in there and I mentioned Rainbow Six: Vegas because I wanted to get it on PS3. The guy at the counter said, "Yeah, that's already on the 360...if you're interested." I said, "No, I'm really not". So, later someone else mentioned Oblivion for the PS3. He said, "That's already out on the 360 if you would like to try it". I said, "Dude, why are you promoting the 360 so much? If they want the best possible version, it's obviously on the PC. You obviously favor one system more than the others and this is a self-admittedly bias-free establishment. Would you like me to talk to corporate about this?"

No, actually, I just smirked at him and reserved this gorgeous PS3 exclusive...but I WANTED to say that to him. Anyone with me?

[email protected]4265d ago

Me... I can't stand those kind of employ on my Local Gamestop... Geezzz they are so LAME!. Thanks God my pal (the manager of my local gamestop) love his PS3 and give him a few nudge about the Xbot360 promotion lol maybe Bill Cake pay him a little to make those kind of promotion hahaha just kidding *cough*probablynot*cough*

EZCheez4265d ago

to play this game. My only concern is what other modes of play will be available after the single player scenario to offer more replay value. I would still buy it though! This game looks too incredible to pass up!

techie4265d ago

You get to ride dragons! ...oh wrong game q:

This is a must have no idea how this game will revolutionise games...the animation will be (and is) something to behold for those who have seen it already... ;)

ps. How come you guys in the states always reserve stuff? I know it gets you it and it isn't sold out...but in the UK all our games get reduced by like £10 after a week or so online just so they can get the's great and I wait! :)

MySwordIsHeavenly4265d ago

Yeah, it's definitely of FarCry reminescence. I'm sure it can take down FarCry's graphics though...even if FarCry was FREAKIN' SWEET!

Everyone wants to know if it's possible to take down Crysis this generation though. According to PSM, FFXIII's already accomplished that...

I can't wait for this game. This dev team is so original everytime they make a new series. I love them!

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