Microsoft and a Monster Hunter Exclusive

"There used to be this story: we're not sure if it is true. It theorised that Bill Gates earned so much money so quickly that if you piled it all up underneath him and sat him on top, then pushed him off, he would never hit the ground. The pile would be so high that should he fall, in the time it would take him to descend he would earn enough money to cushion the blow. And then when he fell off that new pile he would earn enough again to cushion the next blow. And so forth forever: because Bill Gates' rich pasty arse will never, ever, come back down to Earth." - from gameplayer

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ThatCanadianGuy3799d ago

I'm going to take a guess and say SlappingOysters A.K.A chris stead submitted this..

He's like HHG with these ridiculous headlines.

If it's not him, by all means, take my bubbles !

mastiffchild3799d ago

The only reason I can see that MS haven't bothered with MH is that I feel to be of ANY use to them it would have to be exclusive to 360-that's the only way it would sell many on the platform OR push 360 sales in Japan.

As they don't have anything like the ready install base for this I can't see Capcom wanting to either risk putting it out on 360 exclusively OR wanting to upset their countrymen who bought a Wii/PS3(the same reason we're now getting the "never say never" talk of a PS3 version of Tri)this gen-forcing them to buy another console for one game would seem very selfish from Capcom and possibly do them more harm than good from anything MS might pay them.

Once the Wii game is out of the way, of course, the playing field will shift but, still, there's risks there for the dev and the console maker-Capcm have a fanbase to think of and MS might shell out for a series and not get the big return if Japan still ignores(largely) their consoles.

ExcelKnight3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I think it's more because of the solid fact that console Monster Hunter games sell far less than their portable counterparts, to a magnitude of 6 to 1 in some cases. Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) is still up in the air for paid online support (likely going to happen) and it's not easily transportable for co-op play with other people; that kills the appeal the Portable series has.

Microsoft probably said "why bother if it's not even going to crack half a million".

Critical_Hit3799d ago

I agree. Console Monster Hunter games just aren't as popular as their portable counterparts.

The second important factor for why Microsoft won't buy a Monster Hunter exclusive is that the game is ONLY popular in Japan. Whereas, the other games that went multiplatform mentioned in the article are popular worldwide. It just doesn't justify the amount of cash that MS has to lay down for one territory.

FamilyGuy3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

If M$ really wanted their user base to increase in japan, like they say they do, then this would be a great idea. It'd be very costly though, as capcom wouldn't want to take that risk so it'd be a hefty price as well as knowing you wouldn't make a return on it for a long time. The return coming from the other 360 games that get bought now that more people in japan have 360s

Anyways, if it were to happen I'd snap, and i don't mean buy a 360. I mean I'd hunt someone down at capcom and... And I'm a pretty calm guy, so that means something.
The title of this article had me furious at the idea and i was only calmed after finding out what it was really about. I think it would be a bad move if capcom did do this. I could be fine with it being multi, they could even use the engine they're using for Lost Planet 2 for it, as it seems to be a great multi-plat engine so far, but a 360 exclusive of this title would fully transform me into that angry fanboy i know is (mostly) dormant inside.

mastiffchild3799d ago

Excel-I realise the PSP games have been the big sellers for the series but the hjype for Tri is astounding and would have been had they put as much care into it on PS3 so it's sales could well-even with pay for play-be closer to the portables and at a higher pricepoint AND with the online revenue(and , likely, plenty of DLC-extra monsters/characters/maps).

I mainyain that the problem is more likely that it would be a big gamble for MS AND Capcom for the above reasons and the likely cost of making it exclusive for MS.

ThanatosDMC3799d ago

I agree when i read the title, i automatically thought it was an HHG article! I was surprised it wasnt!

da720izcumin3799d ago

what's it matter 2 u? if microsoft gets this game as an exclusive?
it's not like you play or like the monster huner games...
fanboys always taking things personally....even when it has nothing to do with them..
if you are gonna rage on microsoft for getting an exclusive make sure it't about a game you like and hold dear to...if not, get a life.

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Myst3799d ago

Oh, for a second I thought this story was going to be about Microsoft getting a Monster Hunter exclusive. Was just about to see some options for a 360.

Anyway, who knows and to be fair it could work rather well. I mean the Xbox 360 is stated as being a social gaming machine and from the previous E3 that most witnessed their are things tacked onto the 360 to make it more so. Monster Hunter is a pretty much a game where you should at least be social, otherwise it will be quite a while to get through the ranks by yourself.

Though I cannot fully answer as to why Microsoft hasn't gotten it. Maybe because the 360 isn't as popular as the Wii in Japan to which it got Monster Hunter Tri~. Then again their was an article from Capcom that stated "Never say never for Monster Hunter PS3." So could the same be said for the Xbox 360 if they made it a port?

ps921173799d ago

Hmm there are 3 times more ps3 in japan than 360, MH would either be nintendo exclusive or sony exclusive.

The gaming GOD3799d ago

This story is about why HASN'T MS bought a Monster Hunter Exclusive.

qface643799d ago

i don't ever see monster hunter going to the 360 just being honest
that's like putting dragon quest on the 360
it would just be a silly thing to do since those games only sell in japan everyone where else not really so much

Bnet3433799d ago

Yeah, I bet you said the same thing for every JRPG that's landed on the 360 right?

qface643799d ago

stop and think about it for a sec MH only sells in japan
in japan alone it can clear the 5 million mark take that away to put it on the 360 just to barely even make it past the 1 million mark

the amount microsoft would have to pay to make it exclusive would be really big too much to even be cost effective

so microsoft wouldn't waste all that money to make it exclusive like the article implies they should do
if it was huge in US that's a different story

KionicWarlord2223799d ago

"And then when he fell off that new pile he would earn enough again to cushion the next blow. And so forth forever: because Bill Gates' rich pasty arse will never, ever, come back down to Earth."

lol pretty compelling...

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