Interview: Epic's Mark Rein and CliffyB

At GDC last month Gamedaily had the pleasure of meeting with Epic Games Vice President Mark Rein and Lead Game Designer Cliff Bleszinski (a.k.a. CliffyB). They discussed their raking in the awards for Gears, diversifying the uses for Unreal Engine, storytelling in games, thoughts on the console wars, reaction to Denis Dyack's "one console future" and more.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4262d ago

i like mark rein,
but cliffy b reminds me of JP(grandma`s boy)

"don`t be mad at us"

highps34262d ago

Another great interview by Mark Rein.

CliffyB is still a noob and you can tell by some of his replies. Cliffy would have gotten eaten alive with the Ps3 question.

Wonder which system will turn out to have more power? Figure in 2 years we should know :)

VirtualGamer4262d ago

Nice to see balance. Competition is what is driving the gaming industry and its what we should all encourage. I certainly don't want to see MS, Sony or Nintendo fail. That would be a very bad thing all around if you ask me.