The 10 most Impressive Games of E3 2009 #6

Gameplayer's countdown to the most impactful gameplay experiences of E3 begins to get to the serious end.

"He is the master of movies, hero of Hollywood, champion of cinema and he is about to change the way we experience gaming. We managed to get passed the armed guards and get a sneak peak at this exciting title."

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Sucks2BU3797d ago

I wonder how many journos actually got to see this game, because it sounds awesome yet there does not seem to have been a lot of hype around it.

I'm very interested, the screenshots alone look rad enough.

xabmol3797d ago

Do I need a new TV? Do I have to buy an expensive pair of glasses? How will the 3D be 3D?!

Sucks2BU3797d ago

I think you need a special TV for it to work. And if you you don't it just plays like a normal game.