Top 10 Worst Video-Game Trends

The worst trends in video-games, from bald anti-heroes to deadly water!

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KionicWarlord2223803d ago

Awww...come on. Marcus fenix isn't emo...

3803d ago
RememberThe3573803d ago

After playing Prototype I am done with the whole anti-hero thing.

GWAVE: Way to turn this into a console thing...

Your A Towel3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

me and my 6 friends cross game chatting beg to differ.....

and wait is xbox losing activison? So stop trying to start crazy arguments and go play your "God System"

And haha i love Marcus he dosn't remind me as emo just a good guy who's been through some bad shart....

Everybody Love Everybody!!!!

SuicidalTendencies3803d ago

know what's the worse trend? Top ten lists. To me it just screams website out of ideas.

shiner3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Start the stupid fanboy B.S. in 3....2....oh wait, GWAVE already did.

And Captain Tuttle, (below) you should change that to "sorry Wii/360/PS3 owners".

read disc error3802d ago

yeah, this list is dated.

no one really makes WW2 games any more except for COD: WAW and that was one game released last year.

Grandizer3802d ago

bah, that list is basically "what is cool with games but I can't have because I own a Wii"

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grantps33803d ago

good list.

why doesnt somebody make a good vietnam game.

hay3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Dunno, I can see some fails here.

No 10.
Cole McGarth for example was bald in later game cause he was burned badly by the explosion. Also, he was a delivery guy, bike delivery guy. Care to think what longer hair would do to your heat management while cycling through city?
Nathan Hale on the other side was a soldier. Seen a soldier on duty with an emo hair or afro?

No 5.
Cole was killed by solid ammount of water, small ammounts just got electrified so no problems here with drinking or taking a bath. That's it.

No 4.
Amnesia isn't a cliche IMO. It's one of the ways of storytelling. There were movies, books and comic books with amnesiac protagonists. It isn't lazy excuse since in the end it needs to fill all the gaps in story and pretty much most of them are surprises. It's similar with characters that don't know much and are discovering what's going on.

No 1.
Another set of BS. If this is a cliche how big cliche is being a hero saving someone/something and running around trying to acomplish it?

Author have some basic knowledge about gaming but I think he's mistaking cliche with things that he don't quite like in some games.

zagibu3803d ago

Yeah, I agree with most points as well, just the baldness and anti-hero trends are not that bad, if you ask me. They are just stereotypes, and every medium that tries to tell a story in a short amount of time has to rely on those.

DNAgent3803d ago

"...where electrically-charged hero Cole McGrath will be fried alive if he comes into contact with water. I wonder what he does when he’s thirsty?"

When he's thirsty he will drink water not jump in the ocean. Cole can step in a puddle and not get hurt so I doubt drinking water would hurt him...At least not that much and he'll at least recover from it if he does get hurt.

ZOMBIEMAN13803d ago

it was dumb to add inFAMOUS and it makes sense why he can't swim in water he'd electrify himself and everyone around you can touch a puddle it won't hurt but if you go into a fountain you start losing health really it's not the same as GTA3 were the character drowns for no reason

knox3803d ago

yup yup, agree with almost all of those

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