ResumePlay reviews: Red-Faction: Guerrilla

Sebastain Maple writes: "Released in 2001, Red-Faction was relatively well recieved by the press. The game took place on Mars around the year 2075, at which time Mars was controlled by the oppressive Ultor Mining Corporation. The main draw to the game was its "Geo-Mod," technology, which allowed players to deform and destroy the terrain to their advantage. The player controlled Parker as he led the revolution against Ultor, and was eventually saved by The Earth Defense Force (EDF.) After a brief forray to earth in Red-Faction II, Red-Faction: Guerrilla sees the player return to Mars."

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stoppre3803d ago

Haven't played Red Faction yet. But now I really want to!!! Looks like my type of game. Great Reveiw

poopface13803d ago

I loved the first red faction on ps2, im looking forward to this game. Tried to rent it but it was all out. Seems like the perfect rental game, but who knows, I hear the multiplayer is decent.