Apple Breaks Push Notification Silence writes:

"We may finally have an answer as to why so many high profile push-capable applications haven't been released into the App Store, and it seems that the problem is exactly what we expected… Apple just wasn't ready yet.

Dominik Balogh from PoweryBase, the developer of the first push-based reminder iPhone app NotifyMe, sent us an email this morning confirming that the problems have all been on Apple's end."

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Theoneneo813798d ago

yeah they dont want a repeat of the mobile me 3G and 2.0 disaster mobile me was up and down for a few months the servers went down for 24 hrs with itunes so yeah thats why the 3.0 update came out wensday 3GS friday n will probally see push by end of the week/month

DailyAddict3798d ago

Don't know about you, but Mobile Me still sucks. It's definitely gotten a lot better, but it's still far from being what Apple said it would be and is still plagued with delays and in some cases not getting emails at all or accidentally wiping information during wireless sync.

I was sort of wondering what was up with the lack of Push apps, but I originally just figured it'd be a few months before most of the apps updated themselves. But, browsing around the App store shows a lot of apps with comments from the developers saying "push version of app has all ready been submitted and awaiting apple's approval" (such as Beejive) so that's a shame that after all this time they still aren't ready for it.

Perhaps they should just allow background apps like every other smartphone since the dawn of time (and yes, other smartphones have been doing this for years... it's not NEW to the iPhone or the Palm Pre like people think - don't believe me, go check out BlackBerry or Windows Mobile devices and the BlackBerry battery does not suck when running background apps despite Apple's claim) and quit trying to come up with some cheesy, half-baked service to seem original.

Mr Remington3797d ago

Besides their computers in the mid-90's, Apple blows.

I don't know why they are charging for video either. Sure they released a more powerful iPhone, but the video feature should have been part of a firmware update.