RatedG4Gamer - Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

RatedG4Gamer Writes: Star Ocean: The Last Hope is an epic, action-packed game in typical Japanese RPG fashion. The game has some stellar visuals, awesome animated cut-scenes and a lengthy, well-told story behind it. The story is a little slow to start with, but becomes increasingly captivating as players explore new worlds, recruit additional comrades and further unravel the nuances of the tale. Players who like a little bit of substance and character building in their RPGs will love Star Ocean, the game is jam-packed full of storytelling goodness. Just keep in mind that lengthy character interactions and 45 minute cut-scenes are not uncommon in this game.

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4pocalyps33802d ago

i really want to play this. hopefully it'll come on to the ps3. i cba going over to my brothers to keep playing the game. i really liked star ocean till the end of time. and looks like this is just as good.