New Michael Jackson game is coming

Michael mania is definately back. The King of Pop will start in July with his 'This Is It' concert, and propably come up with some new material. There are also plans to bring a new Michael Jackson game. Although not many details were given, the game will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii before Holiday 2009. Prepare yourself for the best popmusic, including videoclips and dancesteps!

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Jack Klugman3404d ago

Is this the new milo game?

MriownBOTH3404d ago

its not on the no its not....

menoyou3404d ago

I hope it's like the arcade game Moonwalker. That was an awesome game.

badz1493404d ago

so there will be no head-2-head this time around??

iamtehpwn3404d ago

Xbox360's tricore processing wasn't enough to power TRUE next generation funk.

kunit22c3403d ago

weirdest choice of multiplat ever? I think this is the first game that included only playstation and Wii and left out the 360, but im not feeling to good because i dont think the game is going to be good, so 360 fanboys dont freak out too much over this its just a Michael Jackson game, but knowing you fanboys you'll freak out allot about this and make a big deal.

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clixx333404d ago


swift3403d ago

i heard that when MJ dies, he is donating his body to the plastic factory.... they are gonna melt him down and make little MJ toys out of that the kids can play with him for a change... :)

SinnedNogara3403d ago

GOTY 2009


But seriously, shouldn't they have announced this earlier?? It is like the Excitebots announcement.

mjolliffe3404d ago

He wasn't found guilty because he apparently payed the families $20 million.

4pocalyps33404d ago

can you prove he paid that money to the families? to me hes one of the best pop stars that's lived.

RememberThe3573404d ago

His criminal charges were dismissed.

At least I think that's how it went.

DevastationEve3404d ago

the man deserves every credit due to him. but the rock star life comes with a price...and that's having sh*tforbrains media and paparazzi cover every aspect of your life. it also means having lots of people trying to cash in on YOUR fame and do you wrong.

he's misunderstood. but he'll always be the king of pop, nothing can change that.