The End of Mainstream Game Journalism

Tony @ writes:

"In an age when journalism is about generating page hits to drive up income via advertising, the need to keep the developer / publisher sweet is more evident than ever.

Mainstream journalists are not only hampered by the need not to distance developer / publisher, they are also unwilling to say anything that may alienate their readership – of which they want and need a diverse bunch."

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shocky163801d ago

I swear this site gets more and more news posted every day ;)

You Already Know3801d ago

I'd like to add that this article speaks on something that I've been waiting for ....for a long time..

we're not relying on a handful of sources that are getting paid to spin things on a positive note....

we're getting reviews and opinions from gamers and people who do this sort of thing because they want their integrity to stand out...rather than their pockets..

this is why the smaller gaming sites are starting to stand out despite a few flamebait sites that strive for hits and controversy only...

in the's all entertainment and we have to take the information from our sources for what they are...

plus...have fun gaming..