Tekken 6 New Screenshot Create A Fighter Mode Coming Soon?

Currently you can dress up your character in Tekken purchasing different attire to give your character a special kind of look but, what if you can actually design your own character and move sets from scratch? YES you heard right.

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n4g-gamer3801d ago

Help Ban HHG, his bs nonsese stories need to be purged from n4g.

Controversial tittle with a ? mark at the end.

Absolutely no proof anywhere in his article to support his views

Butchering of the English Language

These are the holy 3 traits of HHG

Only you can Ban him

Spread the WORD.

INehalemEXI3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

How are you going to ban a gaming journalist from N4G when people put up random gamers blogs as articles here? this should of been under rumors instead of news though IMO.

II Necroplasm II3801d ago

Yeah the guy has been on here like a year now, he is not going anywhere.

Baka-akaB3800d ago

Just to point out that he's not a journalist for starters .

He doesnt even offer news in this case , just pointless "what if" supposition based on the screenshots from AN ACTUAL news from yesterday .

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DelbertGrady3801d ago

Keep in mind that this information comes from Hiphopgamer and is based purely on speculation and not sources. Made up, if you will.

3801d ago
3801d ago
moja3801d ago

Hah! You made me laugh out loud with that one. I see what you did there...

Nelson M3801d ago

It aint the real hiphop

Thy Silly Little BoT

DelbertGrady3801d ago

Yeah, the spelling was too good for it to be the real hiphopgamer.

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Myst3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Isn't it supposed to just be character customization..? Where you can optimize your character the way you want? Or Have I missed some interesting new news of Tekken...

{Edit} I thought the official website would have listed, but I didn't see anything about creation, just customization.

"ground-breaking online game modes and robust character customization system;"

{Edit II} - Fixed wording and spelling

DelbertGrady3801d ago

HHG chooses to ignore sources like the one you posted. Namco says character customization, village idiot says create-a-fighter mode. Who should we trust lol!

Myst3801d ago

How does it get approved so fast then? Obviously Journalism is about checking facts with a credible source and simply making something up for reads/views/hits is pretty much in the wrong.

Also I didn't even see this in the pending section when I was going through it just a few minutes ago...

DelbertGrady3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

One would think so, and I agree. It's very much in the wrong.

The reason to why you didn't see it in the pending section is because Hiphopgamer uses his staff to approve stories before anyone gets a chance to report them.

It belongs in the blog section.

Myst3801d ago

I agree something like this does seem to warrant a blog more so than being here, though I guess not many people read blogs so I can see why it's posted here.

Also if people know this, why does this continue to skirt it's way through and onto the front page in a matter of seconds? When generally it seems to take at least..a good 30 minutes sometimes unless the degrees are high enough for something to even touch the front page.

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riksweeney3801d ago

Cardboard Tube Samurai for the win.

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