Infamous 2 Already In Development? Also Left 4 Dead Will Not Hit PS3 HipHopGamerShow 6/21/09

1. Tekken 6 To Feature A New Create A Fighter Mode?
2. Crysis 2 Coming To 360 and PS3
3. Game Review - Prototype (MUST BUY NOW)
And Tons More Enjoy The Show

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ShabzS3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

the man definitely knows how to write headlines .. people should take notes

Darkeyes3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I was excited when I saw Infamous 2 and then I read HHG... Yup again throwing crap, hoping something would stick. IS it only me or do people agree that these guys should be shot in their Asses?

EDIT:no @whothedog... They should be shot for posting crap articles which reach 1000º only cause the headline is catchy. I still remember that article which they posted few weeks back... about how some multi plat game(running on 360) looked better than KZ2 and then it turned out to be running on PC... Bunch load of crap=HHG.
Even I can create a web site and discuss controversial subjects and post crap like Infamous 2/KZ3 in development without concrete proof. HHG uses cheesy headlines to lure more hits on their web site.

velcry3799d ago

But when I saw the headline, I KNEW it was HHG already.

whothedog3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

They should be shot for making videos??? really? Just don't watch it maybe? I don't know that's just what I would do.

EDIT... Um I don't remember asking why you hated him so much I just said somebody getting shot for making videos? and when I said that I meant that is ridiculous for someone to say that. IF you don't like it you don't have to watch it and comment on it everytime it comes out. Hes wrong sometimes and right sometimes. If hes wrong about something I don't get all pissy and throw a hissy fit about it, I just accept that fact that he was wrong.

You go around shooting a lot of peoeple that make you upset?

Lifendz3799d ago

Boy oh boy, they fly you out to Vegas all expenses paid and you're really trying to repay them for it. Prototype is a must rent at best.

Godmars2903799d ago

The hell they should. The internet is bad enough already w/o full blown yellow "journalism" and fanboys - A-holes looking for hits to their site - making up utter crap.

lokin3799d ago

that stop HHG petition? Somebody posted a link to it last week.

meepmoopmeep3799d ago

i'm pretty sure he's black not yellow :)

and what's wrong with yellow, fellow?

Boody-Bandit3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

HHG could you possibly stop calling every single game you review a must buy? If I was a developer or publisher throwing games your way I would appreciate an open and honest opinion more than you just pretending everything is awesome because you are getting them for free.

I have seen your show and there is no doubt you are passionate about gaming but IMHO you need to dial it down a notch in every way. Your headlines are over the top, show is over the top (and in serious need of editing most of the time) and you reviews are suspect at best to borderline worthless.

I know sensationalism is what draws attention but after a while it could deter it faster then it ever drew it.

Godmars2903799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Yellow journalism is in reference to the very early days when something called "newspapers" were printed on "paper." When many publishers of these hardcopy relics lacked any level of integrity, often making up stories just to sell papers.

If I've offended anyone who is yellow, like the HHG since he's a coward who only responds to positive comments, I'll just have to try better next time.

whothedog3799d ago

heyy brtuallyhonest nice comment, just for arguments sake

I agree with you on the game reviews but I also thought maybe he doesn't post a review unless he likes the game, I only seen one where he said it was a renter.

And his headlines were over the top in some articles, but I really don't believe all of them like most make it out to be. are people upset at this weeks?

meepmoopmeep3799d ago

hahah, yeah i know, i was just acting kiddish


anyway, i hope they're working on an inFamous sequel.
i'd love that, yes indeed.

Boody-Bandit3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I don't get upset over anyone's headlines. I don't let the media or blogers affect me personally in anyway. The only opinion I care about is my own.

I suspected it was a HHG article as soon as I saw the title. Do I think everyone of HHG's articles are over the top? No. But more often then not they are sensationalism and unsubstantiated speculation. Then again so is 95% of the rest of the gaming media and blogers.

To be honest I enjoyed HHG when he first started. He came off as someone that was trying his best to keep it real and shoot us straight but now I rarely ever watch any of his shows or read any of the articles from his site.

I'm not hating on him. I just wish he didn't fall into the same old tabloid sensationalism mantra that nearly every other site and mag does. Now he is receiving nearly all the perks the rest of the media does and he appears to be tainted and overwhelmed by it. I doubt he will ever be what I thought he originally was aiming for.

I wonder if even he himself is already seeing the difference of where he is headed to where he thought he originally was going too. I just wish we as gamers had 1 (JUST 1) credible source of information that wasn't tainted by swag and others perks hardware manufacturers, developers and publisher threw at these guys. I personally know I wouldn't be but I barely have time to game let alone voice my opinion about them.

tordavis3799d ago

That's right haters. Keep posting comments and raising the degrees. If you haters think you can make a website, then make one. Sh!t or get off the pot.

@HHG, stop responding to the haters. Just STOP IT. They aren't worth your time or your 1's and 0's. Just keep doing your show and respond to the FANS, not the haters.

Lifendz3799d ago

"If you haters think you can make a website, then make one. Sh!t or get off the pot."

So if I can't make a website or if I don't have the desire to make one I'm not supposed to give my opinion on someone's site? I probably can't talk against any pro-athlete since I'm not a pro myself? Stop it already. Not everyone with an opinion you don't agree with is a hater.

Maybe I'm wrong about HHG talking up Prototype just because they flew him out to Vegas. But he loves almost every game that he reviews. The fact that I don't agree with that makes me a hater?

Boody-Bandit3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I was going to comment something similar to tordavis but thought better of it.

He sure appears to show a lot of distain for N4G and it's members yet here he is defending his boy.

Nice closing comments tor because that's what I want to be in life. A guy who runs a site making a name for myself on N4G. Maybe I can talk my wife into letting me quit my job and have her take on all the financial and parental responsibilities so I can live the dream like you and HHG.

From your avatar, post history, articles, videos, etc...
you are the one that appears to be the hater and takes gaming and it's fans way too seriously. This is a free site and I will voice my opinion any way I see fit to do so according to N4G guidelines. I don't discriminate nor do I care how big or small a gaming or bloger site is.

All I want is to be shot straight without sensationalism or too much speculation.

To be honest Tor I'm sorry if I am coming off as an @ss but this us vs them mentality is what is wrong with gaming this generation as a whole. If you are going to try and be part of covering it maybe you need to check yourself and not fall victim of where it's at and try to bring it back to what it should have been all along. Giving people the facts to the best of your ability as open and honestly as possible without being swayed by self bias or swag from the people and companies in which you are voicing your opinion on.

It's not us vs them but that is where these stupid console and fanboys wars have taken it too. If you really want to make a name for yourself turn this around! I will be the first person to read your articles and watch your podcast or interviews. I really wish some site or individual would do this!

tordavis3799d ago

I don't remember me specifically pointing to Lifendz or Brutallyhonest. I'm talking about the armchair journalist who come here week after week telling the world how they hate his show. That's like going to country music concerts and protesting that you don't like country music. Why go there if you don't like it? It's the same people every week. I think deep down inside they really love the show. There are people actually trying to ban HHG. Do they honestly think his show is causing a negative affect on this industry? Look at some of the other crap posts on this site and then you'll have something to complain about.

I don't hate N4G, I hate how it works. I hate the fact that there is an Open Zone when we should be banning people every week instead of giving them a voice on another tab. I hate that there aren't enough admins to regularly police this place. I hate that there is BLATANT racisim on this site every week that not only gets agrees from other users, but sometimes goes untouched. This could be a REALLY great site, but it's almost like the judicial system, it has many flaws.

I complain about N4G all the time but I don't get specific. I don't hate N4G users, I hate the racists, the armchair journalists, the haters and the righteous gaming zealots. They are the ones ruining gaming, not HHG.

Again, I wasn't directing my comment to Lifendz or Brutallyhonest. In fact, Lifendz is on my ignore list but I accidentally saw his comment because I wasn't logged in when I first came here.

I posted a link to his Culdcept Saga review which he HATED. However, the review was posted on a different show. He also hated Vampire Rain. Activision sending him to Vegas has nothing to do with his love for Prototype. Like myself, he's been into the game since pre-release.

Boody-Bandit3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I wish I had more time to respond to you but life calls for now and I don't have time. What you just wrote about N4G is why I created this account and 86'd my old one.

Like I said before sorry if I came off like an @ss.

n4g-gamer3799d ago

Help Ban HHG, his bs nonsese stories need to be purged from n4g.

Controversial tittle with a ? mark at the end.

Absolutely no proof anywhere in his article to support his views

Butchering of the English Language

These are the holy 3 traits of HHG

Only you can Ban him

Spread the word

Homicide3799d ago

Surprise, surprise. People complaining about HHG, yet they still comment on his submission thus making his submission popular. Keep at it hiphopgamer.

RememberThe3573799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

But there is also reason to listen to some of them. 1.9 is damn near a perfect critique of the HHG Show. I'm not calling Brutallyhonest a hater but I think his opinion shouldn't be written off because it's not exactly positive.

I have to agree that HHG's reviews are pretty much useless.

I personally want to see the show get better, and taking these type of comments to heart is only going to make the show better. HHG has a ton of love for games and I respect that. But I also want to see less ass kissin and better production.

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Pandamobile3799d ago

Go away Hiphopgamer. No one likes you.

3799d ago
whothedog3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

lol wow people agreeing with the raciest, but no, I'm white and all there in the head.

[email protected] : I've been black and mentally disabled this whole time and I didn't even know it. That is crazy

Pandamobile3799d ago

Clearly not if you enjoy HHG.

He's the gaming industry's Solja Boy.

egm_hiphopgamer3799d ago

every week you guys say the same things but let me keep it real with you ok

1. 99 percent of the games I review are games that I like. I don't review games that I feel is garbage unless i'm told too or if it's a special request now let me ask you a question ya'll. If gears of war 2 is your favorite game right and all the games you ever reviewed were on that level then you would be saying must buy must buy must buy ever week cause of the quality the game presents to you right or wrong? so that's what I do. Reviews are all opinion based but I stick by my opinions, and I make sure that I show off exactly what i'm talking about so people can at least feel what i'm saying. Call of duty 4 sold over 10 million copies at the same time there's people out there that don't like the game at all

2. As far as Made up headlines i guess my headline about GTAV was messed up right, I guess my headline about twitter on xbox was made up right, I guess my head line about championship mode on street fighter was messed up too right, or even home rewards that headline was horrible right, well my horrible lines has got me a pretty good win record with my so called predictions.

3. It's so funny how you guys trash me and support these major website which is nothing wrong with supporting IGN and gamespot but notice this and this is real talk. They don't conversate with you , they don't take time out to respond to you consistently , and yet me and other indie websites return E:Mails, leave comments, and face you guys all the time and we get all the hate. You guys need to wake up and recognize who's the real gamers here. 1luv and god bless every one
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and that includes the haters as well

pixelsword3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

He likes HHG, so at least his being on this page makes sense.

I don't know why you would call someone retarded because they like someone you don't.

You and the other detractors on this site on the other hand are the ones that I would definitely call retarded because you come back to something you don't like. There's a saying:

"It's a weak mind that keeps tripping on the same rock".

You being somewhere again and again posting about some show you don't like only manifests your intelligence.

If that isn't retarded, then the definition needs to be changed.

Xlll3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

" I guess my head line about championship mode on street fighter was messed up too right"

LOL i'm sorry i try not to waste my time with morons like you HHG, but you posted about Champ mode and a lot of other things LONG after they were already well known. Copy and past ftw eh?

What's next? Are you gonna "break" the news about BlazeBlue having 6 player lobby too?

Also anyone over at SRK could have told you about champ mode well before SFIV hit the stores. Nice try but your still a hack.

The Xbox Empire3799d ago

I see HHG as a biased Sony fanboy, but I notice he tries to be fair to both sides so I like him more.

I support HHG. Some of you guys are a little mean.

Lou-Cipher3799d ago

I have watched a handful of your Davis Daily's, and you do nothing but b1tch and moan about what 1up or IGN or any other gaming website does, so why are you trying to tell people to turn the other way and shut up.(this makes you a hypocrite)

If there was anyone from IGN that was as unprofessional as HHG, you would be the first one to call foul.

HHG is not a disgrace to video games,he is a disgrace to video game journalism, and the

The bitbag has been a pretty good website, but your boy HHG is ruining it day by day.

RememberThe3573799d ago

People who talk sh*t. If you genuinly don't like what HHG does, then don't post here, don't even click the link. But if you want to add an idea, or critique I'm sure it'd be more then welcome.

If all you want to do is say that you hate something, your not added to the discussion. But if you were to give ideas like "move the camera this way", "it'd be cool if you did ____ as a part of your show", or even "when you do ___ it sucks", I'm sure it would be listened to. But instead those comments are drowned out by pointless crap.

Please HHG there is some pretty good criticism in here, it's just surrounded by a bunch of crap.

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Bordel_19003799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

L4D2 will hit PS3.


It may well be coming.

You're right, sorry about that.

Omiee3799d ago


spongeboob3799d ago

All the games the flipflopgamer reviews on his show are rated a must buy from him. He is a whore.

pixelsword3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

...maybe he just reviews the games he likes?

Either way, I remember he said some WWE or WCW game sucked, so that's not exactly true.

Although I must say that I did state earlier that the reason all major gaming press people were given a "vacation" to go play PROTOTYPE was because the game sucked. On top of that, they declined to release a demo... after I heard about the demo, I knew that this game had fallen short.


Sorry, but InFAMOUS mops the floor with PROTOTYPE.

madkrazygames3799d ago

Just because a game got bad reviews, don't make it a bad game.

mac4u103799d ago

Please not hating today ladies and gentlemen.