'We Need Fathers To Step Up': Obama Urges Dads To Swap Video Games for Books

Repeating a theme that he frequently touched upon during his 2008 election campaign, President Barack Obama has once again referenced video games as a metaphor for academic underachievement.
In a Father's Day message published in Parade, Obama writes:

"We need to set limits and expectations. We need to replace that video game with a book and make sure that homework gets done... We need to tell our sons, Those songs on the radio may glorify violence, but in our house, we find glory in achievement, self-respect, and hard work."

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xabmol3801d ago

Pack your bags and get out of our nation of gamers house!!

iamtehpwn3801d ago

he always says Games, TV, and Radio--entertainment in General that is keeping us away from focusing on knowledge.

ChampIDC3801d ago

The media loves spinning things to make us rage, eh?

DrWan3801d ago

The man is not wrong. There are some kids who are addicted to video games so much that they ignore everything else in their life. Education first, video game (and entertainment) second.

Timesplitter143801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Eh. He can't be perfect. I like what he's doing as a president, so I'm not terribly concerned by what he says about video games. As long as he doesn't make new laws against video games, it won't really bother me.

And it's not like he really was AGAINST video games. He's only saying that kids should do their homework and games come after, which is true.

Strikepackage Bravo3801d ago

He is starting to sound like a Republican, in fact when a conservative Republican says something like this everyone gets up in arms and says government stay the hell out of my business, down with Fox news!!!!

Obama says it and we're all like "yeah he's right"

And isn't this a bit hypocritical coming from a Democrat, after all they are the ones who condone mediocrity and under achievement through Hollywood, welfare (government over dependence) and pop culture?

Seriously Obama STFU and leave gaming alone, it was good enuff for you when you ran campaign ads in games but now suddenly gaming is evil, eat a %$&#!!!

fanboi hater3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

I graduated with a 3.95 and had a 35 on the act ... guess what i play videogames more than I read books. But outside of this silly statement this man has no idea what he is doing ... oh America why oh why?

and strike

"Obama says it and we're all like "yeah he's right"

And isn't this a bit hypocritical coming from a Democrat, after all they are the ones who condone mediocrity and under achievement through Hollywood, welfare (government over dependence) and pop culture?"

couldn't have said better myself - obama is the epitome of hypocrisy

BWS19823801d ago

sample of a few words taken out of context. I'm surprised I can read the title it has so much spinning going on.

He's talking about kids who ignore the rest of life, which do exist, why are "adults" here offended, when has he once said he dislikes adults playing games or video games in general? He's speaking to a very select crowd and set of circumstances, if you don't have homework you're ignoring, why are you upset?

cjflora3801d ago

These messages are not aimed at everyone who plays video games. These messages are for people who don't have any common cents. I regularly play video games. I'm graduating with my bachelor's degree a year early with a 3.65 GPA, have a wife and kids, and work full time. This message clearly doesn't apply to me or others like me. In addition, my kids play video games. I would say the play less than 5 hours a week. My daughter asked us for books for her 8th birthday, no toys or video games. It's because she loves reading. She still plays video games though. This message does not apply to her. I personally believe a little bit of video games can increase a child's intelligence. It promotes problem solving, critical thinking, and hand to eye coordination skills. As with ANYTHING, it all boils down to moderation. Thus, messages like the one's Obama keeps stating should be aimed at people who don't have common sense. Unfortunately though, these people aren't going to be persuaded just because the president of the united states is saying so. Some may, but the majority of people who could benefit from this advice will likely continue on living their lives as they are now.

RememberThe3573801d ago

It's funny to see some people taking this the way he meant it and others taking it the way they heard it. I know exactly what he talking about. People need to take a break from games some times. Too much of one this is never good. On that note I'm oing to spend the dau playing Killzone 2. : )

Strikepackage Bravo3801d ago

is wrong, what I'm saying is he is the last person in the country who should be saying it, since he is the head of the party that preaches the exact opposite.

The Democrat way is to, spend all your time getting laid smoking pot, watching Hollywood trash and doing what feels good and makes you happy right now, then when you amount to a fat useless loser, just let government/society take care of you.

Lifendz3801d ago

and heard some guy's baby crying in the background. And if you try to tell the guy to go check on his kid he'll either not respond or tell you that someone else is doing it.

Quickstrike3801d ago

Obama needs to stop being a hypocrite. He bought his daughters a Wii last Christmas. If he really wants people to take him serious then he needs to take away his daughters Wii and make them read books.

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Ziriux3801d ago

Aww isn't that cute. Obama being a good daddy with his daughters and encouraging others to be like him. Good man, but he shouldn't get involved with games.

BWS19823801d ago

reading the big picture then, instead of a book, perhaps you'll understand what's being said instead of "Obama wants to take away my games!" Are you a child who is failing in school? If not, you haven't been mentioned by Obama, now have you?

KionicWarlord2223801d ago

Well ill read a book.


Moo7a-Seven3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

Reading books is easier than beating a metal gear?! LOL

Elven63801d ago

I do agree, kids need to be reading books these days, the group of people who have never read a physical book will only get larger. That being said, nothing wrong with Video Games either, if your a parent make a deal with your kids, 2 hours of studying, reading, etc = 30-60 minutes of gaming.

ZeroBlitz3801d ago

The hell? Kids already do studying at school, why should they be forced to do 2-4x the amount at home in order to get some gaming time? Parents should get them to do homework before gaming (mine didn't and I developed the bad habit of always leaving it to the last minute...) and maybe even recommend the occasional good book but what you're saying is seriously over the top. 30-60 hours of studying for one playthrough of inFamous...?

Elven63801d ago

It was just an example, it's up to the parents in the end. Would you rather have others force there hands?