Video walkthrough of Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard update

You know how it goes: pictures are fabulous, but videos are probably the next best thing to handling it yourself. In this case, a video walkthrough is about as close as you're going to get to May 7th whilst still chillin' in April, and considering you already know just about everything you can ever desire about the impending update and QWERTY thumboard, why not relearn it all again care of an "official" on-screen walkthrough? You know you can't resist, so be sure to hit the read link and pull up a chair, because you're going to get tired of standing after 25 or so minutes.

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kewlkat0074297d ago

Streaming video and keyboards are great additions to the console. You just don't know how many movies I have now I can watch without conversions and such. No hassle to quick text either.

God of Gaming4297d ago

Loving the update, many little additions that make sense. Cant wait to give it a run. I also LOVE how fast the Marketplace blade loads

nicodemus4297d ago

I like how it'll show what achievements you unlock. Not a big deal, but it is something that's kind of bugged me before.

Definitely like the new functions for downloading movies! Watch them as you download, and also, downloading overnight--where the 360 shuts itself off after the movie's downloaded. Good stuff!

kewlkat0074297d ago

this is the best update yet. With everything all yo guys mentioned. Keep it coming. Can't wait till I get the black Elite. sweeet.

gta_cb4296d ago

i agree and also they said they have another major update for Fall, i know we havnt got this one yet, but im hoping its going to include IPTV :D btw does anyone know how it will work (IPTV) as i am a gold member of XBoxLIVE so woundered if it would be free... or another monthly/yearly subscription or something.