Free new Test Drive pac hits

Following in the footsteps of Project Gotham Racing 3, Atari is releasing a free car pack through Xbox Live for Test Drive Unlimited.

The Lexus Car Pack includes the Lexus GS 450h hybrid-powered luxury sport sedan and Lexus LS 460 premium luxury sedan and should be available now. As part of this new deal with Lexus, Atari will also be releasing additional Lexus vehicles including the SC 430 hard-top convertible and the 2008 LS 600h L, which will be the world's first full hybrid V8 luxury sedan.

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BIGBAER4267d ago

I've got over 18,000 miles logged with Test Drive Unlimited. Three-thousand miles plus with my Shelby Daytona Coupe and my Agusta Tamborini individually. I'll add the Lexus cars to my list and give them all some airing out driving the roads of Oahu, Hawaii.

Test Drive Unlimited is not a good game, it's a great one! It's a blast cruising the island's 1000 miles of roads with friends.

JPomper4267d ago

Agreed. This game is incredible and Atari keeps delivering. Give me another company that releases a free car pack 8 months after its release. Sure it's only two cars, but you can't argue with the price!