Scoring gaming deals: buy one new game, get another at 60% off (Xbox 360 + Wii)

Toys R Us has a great, and limited time, deal going on some new Xbox 360 and Wii games, along with some good previously released games. If you're planning on picking up any of the new game releases below, definitely consider taking advantage of this great limited time offer (ends on 6/27, but most likely supplies will be out first). Choose wisely. Only one discount per order.

BUY ONE of these NEW games:

Fight Night: Round 4 (Xbox 360) for $59.99
Overlord II (Xbox 360) for $59.99
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Xbox 360) for $59.99

The Conduit (Wii) for $49.99
Little League World Series 2009 (Wii) for $39.99
Resident Evil Archives (Wii) for $29.99

and SAVE 60% on ANY ONE of these games:

Bionic Commando (Xbox 360) for $24.00 (60% off $59.99)
Prince of Persia (Xbox 360) for $16.00 (60% off $39.99)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox 360) for $12.00 (60% off $29.99)
Street Fighter 4 (Xbox 360) for $24.00 (60% off $59.99)
WWE: Legends of WrestleMania (Xbox 360) for $24.00 (60% off $59.99)

Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii) for $20.00 (60% off $49.99)
Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party (Wii) for $16.00 (60% off $39.99)
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (Wii) for $12.00 - in stores only (60% off $29.99)

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dragunrising3804d ago

The Conduit plus Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles sounds like the best bet for me. I'm waiting to see reviews of Resident Evil Archives. If its so so, I'll pick up the original on PSN.

ThanatosDMC3804d ago

Overlord 2 is $40 on steam right now. Get it before the deal's over. Unless it's not your type of game.