Impulse Gamer: ArmA II Review

Impulse Gamer writes: "One of the world's most realistic first person shooters arrives on PC that truly surpasses its predecessor. About a month ago, Impulse Gamer was given a sneak peak of ArmA II and needless to say, we were very impressed from the eye candy graphics to the realistic gameplay, it seemed that the game was a match made in first person shooter heaven. Thankfully... to the glee of PC gamers, ArmA II is now available in Australia and after a variety of intense gaming sessions, I'm pleased to announce that the wait was worth every minute."

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Timesplitter143796d ago

Didn't see this coming. I was expecting another generic failed military shooter

moses3796d ago

The problem with most PC games are that they devs are somewhat under funded. In Arma's case, it's definitley a great idea behind it, it's just that I'm not sure the devs can pull off the size, scale, and scope of their visions successfully, hence the bugs.

peeps3796d ago

so far it's challenging (to be expected) but enjoyable. it does what you expect of it really which is to provide a military sim. my only problem with it is that is seems v cpu heavy. my rig is far from the best but it's certainly no average household pc however i only have a dual core @ 2.66ghz and despite having a gtx 260 i really have to lower the settings for a steady framerate.

compared to playing a graphically stunning game like farcry2 on ultra settings, i'm amazed my rig has such a hard time with arma II. It can detract from the game tbh cus with lower settings its harder to spot enemies as easily. but like i say the game is good and i'm sure the more time i spend with it, the better i'll get