Video Games Are Bad, Films Are Not

Mark Williams writes: "We've all heard the annoying criticisms from over-anxious parents and media watchdogs; violent video games are damaging and tasteless. Games like Grand Theft Auto IV should be banned because of their explicit realism and alleged glorification of violence, whereas films such as Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange should be revered as excellent examples of good direction, cinematography and script adaptation.

"Why is there such a thickly defined line between video games and other media? Why, after over thirty years of perfecting the medium, are video games still not accepted as an art form, which this writer believes they rightfully should be? Huge amounts of money and effort go into the industry every year and every released game has at least some artistic merit; we've come a long way from Space Invaders, and games undeniably contain art in the form of soundtrack and visuals. Can't the combination be considered a standalone piece rather like a collage is considered standalone from its components? And when years go into the development of a particularly large game, who, I ask, has the right to tell the designer and the programmer that they are not artists?"

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xabmol3802d ago

Too true.

First we need to get past the labeling that "video games are for kids" before we can be on the same level as literature and cinema.

I feel that is the main barrier. People still look at something in a game and say, "I don't want my children to see that!" Not realizing that it was never intended for children in the first place. That is why we have the ESRB rating system.

If you don't want you kid playing violent games, don't buy them. Each game is clearly labeled E-A and even tells you why. Heck movie ratings don't even go that far.

andron3802d ago

But he erred when he called the saw series nothing but torture porn in my opinion. There is no need to rag on horror movies to make games look better by comparison. That's just as misguided and ignorant as those who see certain genres or games as inherently exploitative or morally bad.

Gamings kids roots and interactive nature of gaming are what the criticisms usually are about. Gaming still has a lot of growth potential as a medium, and the general public need to understand it better before judging...

Connoro3802d ago

The author isn't necessarily ragging on horror films, but rather one particular horror series; in fact, he criticised only one instalment in a very well known, extremely gory series. This article is clearly an opinion piece, and the writer is obviously of the opinion that Saw V has no artistic merit.

andron3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

I like the Saw series, so I think there are many other movies that are more noteworthy when it comes to being exploitative and non-artistic.

My point was more that it hurts his argument to criticize some movies for the exact thing he is defending games from. The next paragraph is also exaggerating "bad" movies to further his point. We choose what to watch and play for ourselves, and our opinion on the quality or artistic merit of these isn't really relevant...

YogiBear3802d ago

Slightly off topic but Saw movies are not horror.

andron3801d ago

What would you call the Saw movies genre wise then?

YogiBear3801d ago

I would personally call them survival/torture genre films. While at film school I was able to meet George Romero and Tom Savini. Romero of course created the Night of The Living Dead series and Savini did make up effects for them. I consider them very qualified critics and they were in total agreement with me. I am not criticizing the SAW franchise but I find it very funny they release them on Halloween when I don't consider them horror.

My examples of horror: Alien, The Omen(original), Pet Semetary

andron3801d ago

I agree Saw films aren't "classic" horror movies, but I considered them to be in a sub genre of the horror genre. I haven't studied movies like you though, I'm only a movie buff.

You met Romero and Savini? That must have been awesome, great fan of those twos work also...

YogiBear3801d ago

Romero and Savini were really cool. Maybe a "sub" genre i'll give you that. I'm not a particularly huge horror nut but as far as my films go I like those movies that make you turn all the lights on in a house if it's dark. Bigger fan of psychological horror than all out gore but there are great movies in every genre. That is why movies are awesome.

Bubble for the good discussion. :)

andron3801d ago

And movies is my second past time after games. I watch pretty much everything from B-movies to classics and foreign films, anime and everything in between...

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SpoonyRedMage3802d ago

Well yer, film is more accepted than video games but film as a medium is also over a hundred years now and there's still plenty of people who refuse to accept it as an artistic medium but will accept it as an entertainment medium.

Connoro3802d ago

Yes, but universities and colleges still have entire departments dedicated to Film Studies and it's generally an acceptable degree to have, whereas any form of explicitly gaming-related education is regarded as a dead end or a "Mickey Mouse" course.

SpoonyRedMage3802d ago

70 Years ago did Universities have Film Studies? Nope. It's all down to age, Film is older than nearly everyone in today's society whilst video games are not and pretty much everyone has seen a film.

Seriously, why shouldn't film be more accepted? It's been here a lot longer.

YogiBear3802d ago

First film school was established in 1919 in Moscow, so it's been around awhile.

BYE3802d ago

The movie industry is scared! It is likely that a lot of the propaganda against games comes from their direction.

YogiBear3802d ago

Sorry but you are wrong. If anything the film industry is finding ways of making money from video games. In the last few years look at the quality licensed movie games.

Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers/Return of The King
The Warriors
James Bond: Everything or Nothing
Chronicles of Riddick
The Godfather(flawed game but sold very well)
Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Batman
and of course Ghostbusters(my gamestop sold out twice already)

these are just off the top of my head but the two industries will have no problem co existing together.

yamamoto1143801d ago

He even mentioned the casualization of sex. That's certainly not a topic that gets covered (or even mentioned) as often as it should.

bjornbear3801d ago

Many videogames (especially cinematic /story based videogames) have the exact same bases as movies, with an added aspect (the GAME design part)...but they aren't that different...narrative..story.. .character development...even scenes, etc...movies and narrative based video games are very much alike, with the difference that:

Movies - person is only spectator

Games - person is spectator but also interacts with the story...

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