Wii, PS3 sales down, Xbox 360 up on Ebay

Sales for Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 are down while movement for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 is up on Ebay.
In the latest sales data for the auction site, Wii sales decreased by one percent. Wii carries an average sale price of $394.65.

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power of Green 4262d ago

Wii kicked some ass its launch crazz lasted all the way to April.

scarlett_rg4261d ago

Just for the record... sales dropping 1% on e-bay hardly qualifies as the end of the Wii's launch craze. (So keep an eye on that to continue.)

And conversely, sales increasing of Xbox360 on e-bay hardly mean that it's all over for PS3 and Wii.

360s are moving right now because people are offloading them to make room for the 360 Elite.

NextGen24Gamer4262d ago

Thats what I'm amazed with. The 360's demand has stayed constant for over a year now. Meanwhile the Wii had an amazing first few months...but then sales have been dropping....The ps3 is even worse. Europe had a big first day but then an 80% drop and now ps3's are sitting on store shelves all over the world. I remember when the 360 launched...they were hard to find up until about May or June. And its been a steady 200k to 300k a month in the USA...and sales in Japan have improved drastically since launch with the release of Blue Dragon and Lost Planet. Thats what you want....steady sales or increases....

masterg4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Actually Europe is starting to run out of PS3´s. Had to drive around for hours yesterday and ended up in another city to get my cousin one. They had two left.

Sure you can find stocks in some countries, but very soon they will run out as well.

ItsDubC4261d ago

I'd personally want my sales figures to be much higher than my competitors' even if mine were more volatile. I think MS would much rather be Nintendo in terms of console sales right now not only because of the massive uptake of the Wii, but also because demand is still high. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 360 was not experiencing the same level of sales and demand at this time in its lifespan as a console.

BIGBAER4261d ago

>>> "Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 360 was not experiencing the same level of sales and demand at this time in its lifespan as a console." <<<

The 360 remained difficult to find well into May of last year. So yes, the 360 was in a similar position as the Wii in regards to demand.

I got my 360 at Launch, so did my oldest son. It took me until the end of April before I could find a third 360. I purchased this one for my younger son's graduation present. It took a lot of searching and even more luck to finally find a 360 in stock.

SmokeyMcBear4262d ago

haha ebay... its all the 360 users trying to get rid of their busted consoles, either that or cheaper that retail.. no one.. absolutely no one buys ebay for the retail amount, considering its readily available in stores. haha ebay.. thats funny.

Eternal E 8084261d ago

quit ruining the comment section,and as for ebay, ppl arnt the only ones that sell things there but business's to.

SlippyMadFrog4261d ago

We shouldn't respond to such idiots, they only want attention, ignore list +1

masterg4261d ago

He is right.
Ebay usually works best for high demand products that aren't easy to find. So naturally the Xbox is winning because its being sold at a cheap price.

weekapaugh4261d ago

hahahaha.......just sold my 2nd busted 360 on ebay last week.

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LSDARBY4261d ago

Loads of people are selling there 360's for wii's or more so PS3's, theres people on forums asking whether they should.

masterg4261d ago

If it wants for Gears Of War I would sell mine.
I get so damn frustrated trying to get it to take my discs.
The noise I can live with, but the constant disc error are annoying.

ChickeyCantor4261d ago

what is this BS about : they are selling their [input console here] because this and that........
same thing happend to the PS3 remember? its tha MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY,although 360 is in stores....XD

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