Trophy List Fight Night Round 4 Revealed

PS3-Sense writes:"Today, the Trophy List of Fight Night Round 4 has been revealed to the big public. The list has 4 bronze, 9 silver, 7 gold and 1 platinum."

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Killermen3804d ago

I have hope this game will be different of all the rest!

Lifendz3803d ago

Holy crap. How does this get 7 gold trophies and Infamous had just one? As soon as they patch in face button controls they can sign me up.

ThanatosDMC3803d ago

I played the demo and the punches are a lot better than the 3rd. It's a lot faster and you can string up a lot of combos. The only thing though is the punch mechanics are not as accurate as the 3rd. Also, i would rather play in first person than on the side. It makes it easier to predict your opponents punch.

Mindboggle3804d ago

Win all the online championships ! Thats gunna be tough...

PotNoodle3804d ago

Can't wait for this game. Been playing the demo non stop since i got it at the start of May.

NewYork2143803d ago

developers should stop making online trophies. i hate playing online. i play a game for about 2 weeks online then get bored and never play. still need to go back to R2,KZ2,and warhawk to finish off online trophies

Killermen3803d ago

I agree with that, but it's a good way for developers to stimulate online playing

mfwahwah3803d ago

Trophies are meant for online. Comparing yourself to your online friends. Showing off to random people online. Etc.

I prefer single player, but trophies are DEFINITELY an online thing :/

lukeb4dunk3801d ago

I really don't like seeing many online trophies on the games I play. A lot of them, need you to play online for countless hours, in which I do not have. And some also need you to be one of the top 10 players in the world to get. While I'm not crying about the latter point, but to get there, you need to practice a lot...which brings me back to the first point I made. I just feel that people like me, who don't have all that extra time, get penalized for having busy lives.

Just my two cents.

Dellis3803d ago

Is the PS3 version the Lead Platform???

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