Sony not feeling blue about Jaffe's comments

Sony not feeling blue about Jaffe's comments

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BIadestarX4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Oo someone is pissed.
"has earned the right to speak his mind on anything he wants when it comes to videogames." What if he talks about blu-ray... did he earn that right?

Oh by the way, since you all gave me negative feedback for asking a question I will return the favor.

Vojkan4262d ago

What are you babbling about? Sony acted cool by saying this, of course behind closed doors they will tell him what they really think but i like this. Everyone was expecting Sony to be hysteric about this and yet they said its okey. How would have Microsoft and Nintendo acted?

fenderputty4262d ago

What the hell are you talking about? They said he's earned the right to talk about anything including blu-ray. Sony reacted rather level headed here and you still dog them?

Armyless4262d ago

And how DARE you disagree with him.

News Article #1: (1st party developer) "I like this-n-that about PS3"
Bladestar response = "He has to say that"

News article #2: (1st party developer) "I don't like this-n-that about PS3"
Bladestar response = "He doesn't have to say that"

Bathyj4262d ago

Bladestar "Why I'm I here? Cause I can... then again I am willing to make a deal. I will not comment on PS3 articles if you and all Sony fanboys don't comment on 360 articles..."

And yet here you are, first in line for a PS3 story, flaming all the way. Trying to get the first punch in before anyone else without an agenda has even spoken. Why is that? Do you really think your a gamer. What kind of gamer hates a games console.

I bet you and your brother the mart, spend more time flaming PS3 and doing research to diss PS3 that you actually spend playing your Xboxes.

You should thank Sony. If you didn't have Playstation to direct all your energys towards you might be bored all the time and top yourself. What a shame that would be.

BIadestarX4262d ago

@Bathyj, didn't you just spammed the halo post today.. all of you? Saying that Halo is overrated and it not a good game? You fanboys have not stopped. Besides I asked a question. which is legitimate... you you had to do is, "Yes he earned that right too" Period.

Bathyj4262d ago

2. I'm not a fanboy, I'm a gamer. Just because PS is my obvious favourite doesn't mean I hate XB or Wii. Learn the difference between fan and fanboy. Do you want me to list the consoles I own or have owned?

3. I cant be responsible for what Sony fanboys do. They piss my off as well. Its hard to try and tell XBFB's not to flame and then a PSFB treads all over your point so I dont like them either. I do know but they're no where near as vocal or spiteful as the XBFB's are and most the time there just reacting to getting flamed. After who posted first on this story?

4. Since you were one who made the comment of offering to stop (and it was a real nice gesture BTW, I did have hope it would come true) maybe you should lead by example and then actually see if the PSFB's quiet down. Dont you realise its a vicious circle. They aren't going to stop til they see you making the effort first.

Anyway I'll continue to live in hope. But if I see another postive PS3 story and your the first person to post, trying to take the gloss off it, I'll know you haven't listen or considered a word I've said.

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[email protected]4262d ago

I like his attitude... kinda revolutionary?. Only the time will decide if large storage are need it this gen or not.

DJ4262d ago

Sony isn't overly controlling, and critisism from their own employees is actually helpful. Jaffe explained why he felt that the exclusion of Blu-ray would have helped Sony in the short term, and Sony feels the same way. In fact, I feel the same way. When looking at the long term effects however, it was obviously a great investment since it helps differentiate the PS3 from the 360. I mean, the PS3 still would have been priced at $500~600 had Blu-ray not been there anyway. It's the stuff like Bluetooth Wireless, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 1.3, etc, that jacked up the production costs.

mandrake4262d ago

Read behind the lines. Sony won't come down hard on Jaffe because it's afraid that if they alienate him, he'll defect to its competitors. Sony will put up with this loose cannon only for as long as he puts out badly needed hits for its console. Once his well runs dry, watch out.

Besides, a lot of Sony people probably agree with what he's saying, whether they care to admit it or not.

VirtualGamer4262d ago

But Jaffe's quote was taken out of context to sensationalize the next part of the interview series. Which is what I and many other people had said in that story thread from yesterday.

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday, internet news sites like and were on fire with a controversial story in which David Jaffe appeared to recommend dropping Blu-ray from the PlayStation 3. The sites included inflammatory headlines such as "Jaffe: I Would Not Have Included Blu-ray in PS3."

The only problem is, it's becoming increasingly clear that Jaffe didn't actually say this. A trusted source just told GamePro that "it looks like GameTrailers is trying to sensationalize this [controversy] by only using a snippet" of the interview, which is due to air in an upcoming segment.

"Jaffe actually answers that question by saying he thinks the PS3 is perfect the way it is," our source continues, "but in his personal opinion he would have removed Blu-ray to make it cheaper. He goes on to say that Sony is smarter than him when it comes to this stuff."

Sony also tells GamePro that "David Jaffe is an industry pioneer who has earned the right to speak his mind on anything he wants when it comes to videogames." Read the full story here.

Shaka2K64262d ago

Jaffe always speak his mind and tells it like its.

The F'ing MAn.


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