What did Jaffe really say ?

Yesterday, internet news sites were on fire with a controversial story in which David Jaffe appeared to recommend dropping Blu-ray from the PlayStation 3. The sites included inflammatory headlines such as "Jaffe: I Would Not Have Included Blu-ray in PS3."

The only problem is, it's becoming increasingly clear that Jaffe didn't actually say this. A trusted source just told GamePro that "it looks like GameTrailers is trying to sensationalize this [controversy] by only using a snippet" of the interview, which is due to air in an upcoming segment.

"Jaffe actually answers that question by saying he thinks the PS3 is perfect the way it is," our source continues, "but in his personal opinion he would have removed Blu-ray to make it cheaper. He goes on to say that Sony is smarter than him when it comes to this stuff."

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quiddd4264d ago

alot of bias going around

quiddd4264d ago

Jaffe was think about the now period.........but in the future............

Premonition4264d ago

Shame on gametrailers, I cant even speak right now.

fenderputty4264d ago

Anyone with half a brain knew his comment was half heartedly quoted to gain interest.

VirtualGamer4264d ago

(((( I can't believe one comment taken out of context could generate so much buzz. Anyone ever thing they did it for that very reason? How about everyone wait until part 3 and hear all that Jaffe had to say and then comment. )))))

I was not the only one btw but it still did not stop the haters from showing up and spouting off. Don't worry guys that egg all over you face will wash off eventually.

techie4264d ago

Here here. Even Jaffe himself said wait until the rest of the interview. He likes making the headlines anyway

fenderputty4264d ago

Find it odd too that, yesterdays comment Jaffe made drew quite the 360 crowd yet today, his corrected comment drew crickets. Everyone is so quick to harp on the PS3.

bee24274264d ago

that really grinds my gears... makes you wonder how much other stuff these people cut from clips and stupid and ignorant the gaming community is comming... back away from the tv itz making you retarded and enter reality

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The story is too old to be commented.