Rumour: Finaly some info about PlayStation Cloud

PS3Hype writes: 'Today someone on the gametrailers forums had posted a message about PlayStation Cloud. The name PlayStation Cloud was registrated a few months ago by Sony. And today we see some new information about this 'service'. Let's hope that the rumour is true!'

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silkrevolver3799d ago

Whatever, doesn't mater. This article is fake. I don't trust an article if I can't even tell what the source language is.

meepmoopmeep3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Final Fantasy VII REMAKE

on PS3!~


MUNKYPOO3799d ago

i thought playstation cloud was sonys answer to on-live

JL3799d ago

Agreed Silk. Coming from a site that I can barely read? Source being some "poster" on a FORUM who says he got this information from Customer Service? lol I'll pass.

Let's break this down for fun though: I seriously doubt said call even took place (at least in this way). For starters, why would the customer service rep know? Trust me, I've talked to reps like this for several companies before, and they have NO f*cking clue most of the time. Like, to the point that I wonder if they even realize where they in fact work. I mean that's a pretty d*mn low level job there. Now, keeping that in mind why would you even think they'd know about something like this which Sony is obviously keeping under wraps at the moment. Keep it under wraps but let it trickle, by memos, all the way down to low level positions like this? I think not. And if they did, we'd already have alot more information than this from more legit sources than "some guy who talked to some customer rep on the phone and seemingly had a fairly nice buddy/buddy chat with him". I just don't see it. Dude's full of sh*t. Especially when all or most of the features he mentioned, are already on PS3 to some degree. Whether through the browser or friends list or something like that, cause i can access Facebook if i were gay enough to choose to do so, and I know I've seen certain games where it told me stuff about people playing them (ie Seeing a friend listed as playing SOCOM, saying he's playing online, even giving the server and room and game he was logged onto).

For the sake of amusement though, let's assume this is real (lol yea right), who cares? So it's going to be like Facebook? Really, that's all? I thought it when MS announced Facebook for 360 and I'll say it here: Whoopity-doo, who cares? Sounds gay. Though it will be funny to see all PS3 fanboys now acting like Facebook type application would be cool, when dogging MS for it. And also seeing 360 fanboys start to act like it's no big deal when they made the 360 Facebook announcement seem like "OMG Super-awesomes". If it turns out to be some Facebook clone, I'll be really disappointed.

Megaton3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

This is the source, it was originally failed when he submitted the source forum post itself, for good reason.


JL3799d ago


"with good reason"--agreed. I read the source material (as I'm intelligent enough that when somebody feeds me info I tend to try to get to the source of it and do some research). And it's some random dude on FORUM people. Telling that he called customer service and they told him (giving out secrets...right). All from some dude who's no different than you or I posting on a forum.

This just in folks:
I called Sony today to praise them for the great experiences I've had with them and their products over the years. Well the service rep I talked to was so moved by my appreciation that he wanted to show some of his own. He transferred me to Tretton himself!!!!! I was like OMG is this really happening? Sure enough though Jack confirmed it was him, sounded like him too. Anyways, he thanked me for my support of Sony and the Playstation name. And since I was such a devoted customer, he wanted to give back to me as I've given to them. And in order to do this, he wanted to let me in on a secret. I hope you guys are ready for this. He told me that they haven't decided on the exact details on this, and that there are some lil minor details to be ironed out and whatnot, but PS4 next year!!!! That's right people, he said they will be bringing it out next year. And that's not the half of it. He also went on to tell me some of the features of it (wanting to get that out there since he heard some people were calling customer service saying there weren't enough features in PS3). Well, among the things he mentioned that would be in PS4: 3d gaming with no need for glasses or even two tvs. He said that you could even have a 1984 Magnavox tv and the 3d would still work!!! (awesome that i don't have to upgrade my tv). He also went on to list a number of other things: 200 gigs of xdram, the PS4 will also be coming with a Blu-ray changer, let that soak in a minute....blu-ray changer, 10 disc at that. Now won't have to get up to change games, just select them from the changer and it goes right to that game. Not only that, but the PS4 will have voice and thought recognition. No more controllers at all, just flat out think how you want to kill that dastardly Helghast and the game will do it. Now, last but certainly not least, he confirmed it: PS4 will be backwards and forward compatible. And i'm not talking about games here, I'm talking time!!!! That's right ladies and gentlemen, PS4 will introduce us all to time travel and can be used to literally take you back in time to play those classics (forget downloading them lol) or forward to a time where the playstation has finally, single-handedly, cured cancer. Now I don't know how true this is, all I'm saying though is it was Jack Tretton I talked to...and well....He's Jack.

(lol sorry, i got a bit carried away there)

Megaton3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Yeah, I just called Sony customer service and Peter Moore picked up, said to keep it secret, but he's now head of Sony's game division, and that they're going to be merging with EA next week under the new brand SonEA. He also said that PlayStation Cloud wasn't at all what this guy claims, but that it's literally a stormy thunderhead cloud Sony is aiming to hang over Microsoft's corporate offices in an attempt to severely lower staff morale and disrupt power to the building.

Hang on, let me post this on GameTrailers real quick so everyone knows it's official.

leyego3799d ago

OMG PS4 next year *runs off to tell 1000's of people about it and hopes it get it posted on n4g*

LOL nice post

jakinov3799d ago

The forum poster did say that the guy had an orientation to learn about the features that will be coming. Which would make sense seeing as their job is to be familiar with the system and it's features for if someone calls in asking for help.

But since it's from forums there's a good chance it could be bullshit.

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LordMarius3799d ago

Just use facebook, no need to make another social site or whatever this thing is "supposedly"

rockleex3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Track whatever activities you are doing on the PS3. O_o

Facebook doesn't let you know that your friend unlocked a Gold Trophy in inFamous just 2 minutes ago, so that you can text your friend in the Chat Room and ask him how he got it.

Hell, it would be even better if this Cloud thing was integrated with the XMB! O_O

It'd be like the non-virtual world version of what Home was supposed to be. >:D

It'd also be tight if they have public chatrooms for people to go to. They should also allow people to create their own dedicated public chatrooms for whatever topic they want. Such as Uncharted 2 Trophy Guide Chatroom, etc.

myothercar3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

facebook is already annoying enough as it is. I'd hate to link my PSN username and broadcast every single trophy I earn. And I'd hate to have 30-40 PSN friends suddenly on my facebook, because I frankly don't give that much of a @#!$ about them outside of gaming.

Not that I don't like seeing what my PSN friends are doing in terms of gaming- I mean, a separate social networking site specifically for gaming would be GREAT, in fact. Imagine you post a status update from work, inviting everyone to play the Uncharted 2 beta later.

It'd be nice, not having to be at your PS3 to communicate with your friends, and being able to see what trophies people get in realtime. It'd bring the PS3 community closer together in a much more accessible way than Home does.

Arnon3799d ago

"But Facebook doesn't...Track whatever activities you are doing on the PS3. O_o

Facebook doesn't let you know that your friend unlocked a Gold Trophy in inFamous just 2 minutes ago, so that you can text your friend in the Chat Room and ask him how he got it."

You guys are probably going to hate me for this... but this service is not needed. If Microsoft can integrate Facebook to do these things (And yes, it does track your achievements and games and you can even upload pics and short clips onto Facebook with it), then Sony can get a deal with something too. No need to make this stuff.

NewYork2143799d ago

sounds interesting. im guessing itll probably be true

JL3799d ago

Couldn't disagree with you more. Sounds like the exact opposite of interesting to me. Rather gay and stupid actually. I mean for a second I'll assume that Facebook is a good thing for some people, well then here's an idea: Log onto Facebook in the browser [email protected] As for the second part of your comment, what makes you think it's probably true? Nothing about this seems credible at all. It's strictly "he-said, she-said that someone else told her" type stuff. Last I checked, that's about as reliable sorry I won't go there) reliable as Bush's judgment. I have no faith in this whatsoever. I'd believe Tupac is still alive before I believed this lol

YogiBear3799d ago

I think the Sony thing is fake but facebook is very good. I am a freelance filmmaker and facebook has gotten me quite a few jobs. Off topic but I needed to point that out.

Kappa Mikey3799d ago

sounds interesting, it doesn't matter if it's another "facebook", another application on the ps3 is good on my book

JL3799d ago

Disagree. I DO care if it's another Facebook. Another application isn't good if it's a stupid and gay application that is also redundant since PS3 can sign on to Facebook as it is. Just as useless as if they came out with an application that included a calculator, an eggtimer, an alarm clock and a calorie-counter all in one.

MA3LK3799d ago

If its free ill take it, Just another thing to do when your bored.

plus no one is forcing you to use it so it should effect anyone really.

JL3799d ago

I have to disagree with you too. Now if it's some lil nothing feature that ends up getting coded into one of the firmware updates, that's one thing. But this is obviously a service in and of itself, which means they're probably putting some serious resources into it. And if they're going to be putting that kind of work into something, I want something NEW. Not something I could do already in the browser.

That being said, I still say this is fake, and there is nothing to prove otherwise being as how the source how no credibility whatsoever. And I believe Cloud WILL in fact end up being something good and useful rather than some gay lil Facebook clone.

myothercar3799d ago

Why would I want facebook to be cluttered with more people who I couldn't care less about what they're doing? I use facebook for REAL-LIFE FRIENDS and FAMILY EXCLUSIVELY.

A separate gaming-specific social networking site is the only way to do it, because it ensures that you aren't annoying people on facebook who don't care about your trophy score. I wouldn't want 100 PSN friends suddenly on my facebook. status updates pouring in to my facebook news feed bumping off the important ones from my real friends and family... that would just be complete chaos.

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Kinetix3799d ago

Can someone please tell me what the hell this cloud thing is? Thanks

Kappa Mikey3799d ago

well Kinetix according to the website it states that playstation cloud is an application that tells you how your friends have gotten their most recently trophies and what level their currently playing in

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