Kid Rages Over Canceled WoW Account

Some kid goes absolutely NUTS over his mom canceling his World of Warcraft account. It certainly possible that it is fake, but that's some pretty convincing acting.

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4594d ago
Myst4594d ago

Oooookaaay then...

*Slowly backs away*

Pandemic4594d ago


He sounded like a monster.... :P

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SuperM4594d ago

This is obviously fake guys... shouldnt have been aproved.

Timesplitter144594d ago

remote in the ass was pretty hilarious

dkblackhawk4594d ago

unless you made the video, how do you know its fake? There are some messed up people out there...

Lifendz4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

"The rage was just an excuse to put a remote up his a$$."

Bro, you literally made me laugh out loud. That was funny as he!!. Bubbles up.

P.S...this is my all-time favorite prank involving a Christmas gift. IT was cruel though. Worst part is the one kid saying over and over how the family can't afford a 360. Like that's an excuse for them to prank the kid.

vic_doom4594d ago

^ wow, that was just wrong. what sh!tty parents, and then to record it and laugh at him. people wonder why kids do the things they do.

IdleLeeSiuLung4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

Yeah, I remember that video. Hell a messed up!

Wish there was a test to determine if people are fit to be parents. I mean after all, you get a driver's test to get a driver's license. Yet any moron can I have kids and unload their problem to society!

jahcure4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

I thought this was messed up too when i first watched it but you all need to look for the original youtube video. This is EXACTLY how the media catches people who accept everything that's put in front of them.

The original video showed that the parents bought him an xbox360 for christmas and when they left the house the kid cheated and peaked at the gifts. When they realized they swapped the xbox out and did that to him to teach him a lesson. HE STILL GOT HIS XBOX.

Try not being gullible next time? mkay?

gamesR4fun4594d ago

is it me or does he try n sodomize his tv remote?

Lifendz4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

I'm "gullible" for going off of the video and not researching its history? Sorry guy. I guess that makes me gullible. This isn't like the invasion of a country or news about the economy; it's a F'n Youtube video. Excuse me for simply laughing and not trying to find out what happened prior or after.

Try not being a douche next time by insulting others for simply having a laugh. Jerk.

jahcure4594d ago

it's one thing to laugh at the CONCEPT, but a totally different thing to rag on the kid's family members.

I think it was classic, but i won't go on saying how his family members are mean. Just like i didn't call you a jerk for not researching...everyone is susceptible to being gullible sometimes. Just telling you to try not to let skewed media catch this one did.

It could be simply a "youtube video" but read the comments following the posting of the video here and then go to youtube and read the comments there. The person who re-posted this video and put his own spin on it is causing all the problems.


The_Count4594d ago

Thats nothing. You should see me when someone can't count to 10.

Ah ah ah.

ThanatosDMC4594d ago

Reported as Fake, Lame, and Spam.

MEsoJD4594d ago

even if its fake the way he screamed made me laugh.

InFAMOUS14594d ago

I watched this video and thought it must be fake. However I just showed this video to my mom who is a behavioral psychologist and she assures me it is not fake. The main reasons she said this is not fake. 1) Right at the end of the video when someone yells "shut up" he instantly stops his rant. Basically someone has now acknowledged he is ranting, and to him it has been given purpose. 2) The remote control LOL, now I know everyone is talking about the remote, however it has a lil bit more meaning then the obvious. He did that quick gesture to deflect the pain he was having emotionally. Chances are he thinks that any sort of 'contact' with that area of his body would be painful, and left feeling violated, therefore he thought it would distract from the turmoil at hand, which in reality it did not, given the fact it happened for a split second. 3) Taking the clothes off.. Its extremely common for teenagers to respond this way to any sort of high anger situations. What was uncommon was to do it under the blanket the way he did, but its not UNSEEN. The removal of clothes is to help them feel in control. By doing so, they now feel that they are making their own decisions and that they have power over their environment. Anyways thats my 2 cents (or my mother's) LOL.

evrfighter4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

If you've spent years in an MMO and I don't think most of the gamers here at n4g have. You would realize that this is entirely possible.

People have starved themselves to death, starved their babies to death, murdered their friends, murdered their husbands/wives over MMO's. Too hard to tell if it's real or not

I believe it to be real

IdleLeeSiuLung4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

FYI: I do remember that there were some reports of that, but still that is not how you teach children a lesson. Basically the parents are making fun of the kid to teach a lesson.

There are other more constructive ways to teach children a lesson. Besides he is doing what every other kids are doing i.e. just being kids.

mfwahwah4594d ago


Natal isn't real and that got mad stories.

Tarasque4594d ago

If you think this is real then you need a remote shoved up your a$$.

JHUX4594d ago

ROFL wow.. idk if its real or not, but with WoW nerds I can see it being completely real... people go crazy over that game.

and the xbox 360 deal... I remember a game website saw that video and they contacted those parents and it was in fact a prank and the people who owned the website bought the kid a 360 and sent it to him... I remember all that going down. I never heard about what you said with the kid peaking at the gifts, etc.


yep,.......he was taken over, the creatures of the dark depths took his soul away, lol.

frankly i think it's all dramatic acting, i mean look at him.

and what's with the rolling around at 1:30, he looks like he's doing it for the camera.

AuToFiRE4594d ago

he seems butthurt .. probably why he tried to shove a remote up his arse

LazyDevs4594d ago

I don't think the major problem is the kid acting like that, it is he has to smack his a$$ to change the channel.

gambare4594d ago

hehehe... that reminded me this:

ObviousTruth4594d ago

i don't see how ppl get so worked up about cheap entertainment. they are just video games. people care more about pointless garbage than they do about the things that actually matter.

videos like these remind me of how embarrassed i am for most of the members of our society.

jadenkorri4594d ago

most parents prob wouldn't know how to cancel a wow account, they would prob have to cancel the whole credit card.... anyways, still thou, find a job work 1 day a week, theres ur wow money

silvacrest4594d ago

people keep saying its fake/its real but you no what?

it doesn't matter either way, it made you laugh/cringe/talk about it
whether its real or not thats the only outcome

poopface14593d ago

Fake or not this kid is a tool for trying to shove a remote up his azz on the Internet.

too bad for his parents. how could they have known with out warcraft to occupy his time he would resort to sticking things up his butt.

Projekt7tuning4593d ago

"The power of Christ compels you." "The power of Christ compels you."

mac_sparrow4593d ago

Loving your style man. About time someone talked some sense around here ;)

Kisses to all the raving loonies too :P

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Yo bro4594d ago

thats gay yo why put a remote in your ass bro

T_O874594d ago

will blizzard c0ck is out so he needs to fill the void

waltercross4594d ago

LOL(shortest comment ever)

Lifendz4594d ago

Is is this just your web alter-ego? Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to say yo or bro at the end.

Bloodshedder4594d ago

and you got a disagree with your comment!

LazyDevs4594d ago

"LOL(shortest comment ever)"


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MurderMyDoll4594d ago

All I can say is wow.....(no pun intended).

Timesplitter144594d ago

I dunno. The remtoe in the ass part seemed pretty legit. I mean... how the hell would you think of doing that? And how the hell do you do it without laughing?

morganfell4594d ago

Everything was timed by the brother. Even in a rage, why would the guy gingerly rub his butt with a remote? It isn't like he rammed it in there up to the volume button. Smack himself? Yes. Sling the remote across the room? Yes. Jump up on the bed and doggy himself? No.

Arnon4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

Over-analyzing much? Who cares if it's fake?

"OH FAKE! YUP THAT'S FAKE! I just wanted everyone to know that I knew that."

mfwahwah4594d ago

Let's assume it's fake. Instead of laughing at how much he freaks out over WoW, let's laugh at how seriously he took faking freaking out over WoW. There. It's funny again.

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