Is Natal really the control pad of the future?

with Microsoft's impressive showcasing of Natal at this years E3 show, Gameztraffic writer Del looks on whether this is really a revolution in the way we control games, or just another gimmick from Microsoft.

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KionicWarlord2223797d ago

The article started out fine ...then i was just lefted in a daze.

silenius3797d ago

who wants to play videgame and sweat at the same time?
at least i don't...

Perjoss3797d ago

i agree, as much as i like the idea of Natal, I still think that when i want to play a nice game and just sit and chill with a controller in my hands, and not dance around like a fanny.

lol can you imagine a coop game of some 3rd person action game, 2 people in the same room prancing about like a couple of fools (so many injuries).

Alvadr3797d ago

This reminds me of when the Eyetoy was first released... I can remember all sorts of articles like this.

Controllers arnt going anywhere anytime soon. Certainly not this cycle, or the next.

leyego3797d ago

moving around while playing a game? i don't think so.

id rather sit and play with a controller. the only other decive i would use would be a brain scanner.

Lifendz3797d ago

Imagine having to play Street Fighter and to do all the moves you have to DO ALL THE MOVES! I think I'd pull something trying to do Fei Long's flaming kick. No thanks.

Jim Hawking3797d ago

How would you move around a 3d space with the Natal?

You can't

Alvadr3797d ago


Actually you can.. The camera can pick up depth

Tsar4ever013797d ago

DAmn, Microsoft project NATAL was not designed to replace current generation way of playing games. THE GAME CONTROLLER IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! GOT THAT!?

Natal was created for this purpose only. TO STEAL THE CASUAL/NEW GAMERs AWAY from NINTENDO WII and pull them over to XBOX, as of saying "YOU don't have to get a Nintendo Wii, look what our XBOX brand could give you."

CORE GAMERs will still have their gamepad controllers titles and NATAL would be just an added component for those parties who just getting into gaming. Nothing more, nothing less.

N4realGMRZ3796d ago

its a great step forward for MS to capture casual gamers but will never replace traditional gamepads for more complex games........but its user interface applications are endless.....looking forward to it on that front....they are really captureing the best of both worlds here....i think it will be great on that fron...Kudos to them...

really duh3796d ago

SDF working around the clock. Dance and fitness games are very popular, don't want to sweat you say? Natal tracks in 3D and there are videos all over the web proving it. If want to use a standard controller don't use Natal or play games for it assuming the people in here trash talking will ever own the 360

TheReaper423796d ago

Can I sue microsoft if natal injures me? $_$

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qface643797d ago

no matter what gimmick or crazy new idea you bring to the table no matter who tries to change gaming doesn't change the fact that controlers are here to stay

so i say no

really duh3797d ago

Whats that have to do with the millions of casuals that will love this and could care less about needing to push a button in traditional games?
You claim to know what devs will do with this tech?

All Time Greatness3797d ago

I agree things will probably start going the way of Natal but the controller will still be here, it has to be.

It would literally be impossible to play Halo on Natal and it stay as serious and competitive as it is. It's having its own software built for it, Microsoft will probably use controllers and Natal together in games.

I think both Natal and controllers can coexist peacefully(I stole that line from George W. Bush =P)

Rob0g0rilla3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

And there's buttons on it too, lol. There is no controller free gaming on Wii. The Wii fit board is a controller. Controllers will always be more effective and more responsive. How can you get more responsive then pressing a button? Natal will have an easier time getting casuals to use it. Can't say the same about the hardcore crowd. As promising as it looks, I doubt it's the future control pad. We need to see some games use it first, no tech demos.

Darkeyes3797d ago

Whatever people want to say, I completely agree qface that the future of gaming will always be a controller. Natal might usher in new genres of gaming like 'on the rail shooters' where it guides you through the level and you have to just shoot or bend to use cover.. those kind of games. Natal is simply useless in playing shooter which is 360's biggest market. Just tell me how can one walk or run or reload or use cover? Even Fighters will be hard to replicate... You don't expect me to do those crazy stunts do you?

The thing looks flashy initially, but once one puts a little thought into it, one realizes it's short comings.

Another aspect is that the accuracy will be questioned. Yesterday only the article 'How a new Xbox is possible with Natal' said that Natal cannot capture a video at 30FPS at 720P due to USB limitations. So that might be a reason they are designing a new Xbox with Natal integrated so transferring data is better.

And the thing will be expensive. Just check the price of individual components of Natal on various site and one gets a picture that the thing might cost somewhere around 200$. 2 3D motion sensor cameras (expensive)+Built in processor (as M$ said Natal will rely on it's own processor)+various components...

Sorry, Natal might usher in a new Xbox, but it won't change the face of gaming. Controllers FTW!!!! Even the Wii and PS3 motion controllers are CONTROLLERS at the end of the day. Buttons matter.

Megaton3797d ago

Haven't had hands-on time with this thing, but I think I can safely say with 100% certainty that it is absolutely not the control pad of my future. Seems like a great way to navigate a menu, make a paint mess, or play all kinds of mini-games I'm not interested in. I'll always want the controller/keyboard/mouse.

Joecrazy3797d ago

My room is too small for it

leyego3797d ago

@really duh

ya casuals don't like the controller, its bulky its weird, it sucks to them or so i hear.

from what your saying get rdy for natal to be a casual service filled with crappy wii rip offs.

Baka-akaB3797d ago

Hum casuals wont like being worn out by a video game interface after work too .

Futuristic innovation are there to facilitate life , not add extra sport and efforts to easy stuff ...
Or would/could yo drive a car while making silly hand moves for hours without finding it tedious as well ?

Of course not . It's a nice addition that will change gaming , and maybe prompt less complicated controllers , but until you control stuff by though , pads are there to stay .

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ape0073797d ago

how can u run?walk?,climb,etc...
natal can be great(as a hardcore thing)only in small segments,imagine defusing a bomb in mw2 and the time is counting

I can see it being used in small segemnets

any more ideas folks?

you'r welcome

KionicWarlord2223797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

"imagine defusing a bomb in mw2 "

Writing that on forums.

yeah. But remember it depends on how the control scheme is.

And we have many imaginative devs.



That would be great. Imagine a tutorial that teaches you how to fly a helicopter before you play the game.

That would be cool.

ape0073797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

still we have to see man,I wish it deliever amazing hardcore experince