Play.TM: EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis Review

Play.TM writes: "They say timing is everything and there's a sense that EA will be onto a winner here simply by being the first fully integrated MotionPlus tennis game to hit the shelves. The things that stand out while playing are almost all down to the impressive new bit of hardware rather than anything revolutionary EA are doing with the game (although as the future will no doubt prove plenty of people will get even MotionPlus controls wrong). Play without the new tech and this is fun yet average and feels very much like a first toe dipped in the tennis waters by EA with the promise of more to come next year. Once MotionPlussed up however you'll be having too much fun to care if you should be thanking EA or Nintendo for providing the greatest tennis experience you can have in your front room. Just when you were thinking the Wii's shine may be starting to dim those crafty geniuses at Nintendo are all set to prove it's only just begun and EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis is the perfect way to herald that second coming".

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