Isle of Rhodes Site: Unlock GoW 2 HD Mode: New Countdown.

Leave it to those pokey little puppies at GameFAQs to figure out that wasn't the suckfest we first thought it to be. On the story page of the website, after hitting proceed to bypass the video, there are hidden Greek letters. If you can spell Kratos by clicking on them in order and then hit proceed, you're in.

But wait, there's more!

After that page, should you click on "You Seek An Audience With The Fates", you are greated by another countdown with a title starting to be spelled out. G? and CH? God of War III: Chains of Love?

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techie5778d ago

It's bloody hard. I gave up lol. We'll just let other people do it for us :)

TheExecutive5778d ago

I cant even get to the right page... lol we will let others bring us the good news... THis is a little strange though. Dont you think?

n4g sucks5778d ago

that stupid picture puzzle is a pain in the a$$.....i hope you dont have to complete it every time to see the new countdown because after i solve this last puzzle i dont ever want to do it again. has anyone tried the hd mode??? my lcd is getting repaired and i have no way to see the difference.

nix5778d ago

trying to press every button within that time period.. he he he... q:

Premonition5778d ago

Someone should post a video showing before and after :)

sajj3165778d ago

Instructions from Kotaku poster Torgo (give the guy credit) ...

"As the game boots up, before even the White test "SCEA Presents" legal screen comes up. Hold down L1+L2+L3 (Thumbstick Button)+Square+Circle at the same time.

If you did it right, the Legal screen will appear in a shade of purple.

If you are doing this on a PS3, you may need to plug the controller in via USB."

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The story is too old to be commented.