Digital Chumps: Prototype Review

Prototype is a third person, sandbox style of action game that puts gamers in control of Alex Mercer, a former scientist at a secretive facility known as GenTek. Something has happened to Alex and he now has special powers, including incredible strength, agility, the ability to shapeshift, and the power to consume organic material to turn it into health, while simultaneously harvesting the memories (and abilities) of the consumed. Players will need to use all of these abilities as they fight their way through endless droves of Infected and Military personnel across thirty-one missions.

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rbluetank3797d ago

the graphic are horrible... the amount of enemies,people and cars are very good; outside of that the game graphic are wosrt then bad. the game is covered in a red glow... the game has alot of mindless fun in it but thats about all. i really do not have time to be running up building that look like porch steps or cookie cutter cardboard boxes and drop an elbow on the things down below... another thing that does not make sense is the vertical scale of the game. you can run/climb pretty far up building in this game. once you are on top of a tall building and look across to other buildings wtf happen to the draw distance... fyi the bad reviews were fair and the good reviews were ???? lmao the best suggestion would be to rent this game and go for broke after that...