Left 4 Dead To Receive Community Content Upgrade

Valve is gearing up for another Steam update that will incorporate more community content into Left 4 Dead. The beta authorizing tools which were released several weeks ago enabled users to create their very own campaigns. With this new update, those campaigns will now be easily accessible withing L4Ds UI. "Add-Ons" will be available under Extras for easy installing as well as under Multiplayer to play said campaigns online. One such custom campaign that has us pretty impressed even in its Beta stages is an homage to Resident Evil 3. The Authorizing tools will also be officially releasing with several new updates and tweaks. The update is expected to hit Steam next week.Is Valve trying to please some of those angered fans? Perhaps, but at least we will get to see more unique content headed to L4D.

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shocky164599d ago

To keep supporting L4D.

IrishAssa4599d ago

What about the 360 version?

GWAVE4599d ago

I'm with IrishAssassin.

What about all those Valve fans who bought it for the 360?

TheFlyingPenguin4599d ago (Edited 4599d ago )

If your a Valve fan you would of bought it for the PC.

Blaze9294599d ago


Anyway we already know how the modding community and xbox 360 cannot mix due to Xbox LIVE security so maybe...hopefully...Valve just updates with some new campaigns the mod community makes or themselves.

But like TheFlyingPenguin said, any true Valve fan buys their games on the PC...not a console lmao.

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Blow Out Your Brains4599d ago

Yea, not for the 360 they're not.

-MD-4599d ago

You sound pleased...

rawrockkillz4599d ago

The #1 rule of Valve: buy their games for the PC

Hey Its Me Again4599d ago

It's taking them 7 months to release proper SDK, and 11 months to create a sequel.

Something went wrong, Valve. You always released SDK out of the box. It's the good old Source engine after all.

GamerPS3604599d ago

Well, I am happy that its here now.

Daz4599d ago

well its best to release a working sdk then a broken one that you been moaning on the steam forums for ;p. or boycotting :P

Winter47th4599d ago

No server browsing yet? is this a joke?

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