Portable Offerings: DS Releases for June 23, 2009

The writes:

"Every week I'll let you know what Nintendo DS publishers have in store for your time and your wallet. Instead of lazy lists, you'll get intelligent game summaries, our weekly recommendation, and where to snag the best deals."

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reluctant_gamer3799d ago

It's really nice to get a little bit of information about games before you go out and buy them. Especially portables, since they don't seem to be covered much elsewhere. Thanks!

Neco5123799d ago

Always nice to have more info on the games before you make the purchase

Neco5123799d ago

There are a lot of good games coming out for the DS!

CrAppleton3799d ago

No kidding! It sure is nice to own a DS right now.. looks like this summer is gonna kick ass!

CrAppleton3799d ago

I'm REALLY looking forward to minions!

darkroomdemons3799d ago

I want minions so I can cackle in bed and frighten the wife...