Attention Readers- iDoom is not Doom!

TPG writes, "id's most famous game, Doom, is set to come to the iPhone any day now. Currently sitting in the iTunes store is iDoom. This is NOT the real game. This is a "noise maker" application that plays sounds from Doom. It looks like the real game, and is priced like you would expect the real game to be priced. Most sound sampling apps are either free, or only a dollar. They are most certainly not $5, showing that the developer of this is trying to capatalize off Doom's pending release and confused buyers. Add to it that their support site does not exist."

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Neco5123802d ago

That's kinda shady of them, why would they try and rip everyone off like that?

CrAppleton3802d ago

Cause they're a corporation that just wants to make a quick buck.. while misleading.. it is a good way for them to scrape some money from everyone

Neco5123802d ago

Thanks to TPG for the heads up on this one

CrAppleton3802d ago

No kidding! This thing looks like the real deal.. I'm glad I saw this before I purchased this POS

DaRockSays3802d ago

Dam thas wak tnx portable

SpoonyRedMage3802d ago

Thanks for warning everyone, I bet a lot of people are going to be dissappointed still though.

Neco5123802d ago

I'm sure people are going to be upset, I know I am

killyourfm3802d ago

You have the best username ever. That is all.

roblef3802d ago

Yeah, this is a buncha BS. That dev has a ton of these crap sound apps.

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The story is too old to be commented.