Koku Gamer: Kick Back: Test Drive Unlimited PSP Review

Koku Gamer writes: "I am a huge fan of racing games and it was in 1989 that I first got my real taste of racing action thanks to a game called Test Drive from Accolade software on the Commodore Amiga. The idea of Test Drive was simple. You picked a sport scar from the list of cars on offer (from the likes of Lotus and Lamborghini) then you simply had to reach the gas station at the end of each stage whilst avoiding other drivers and the police."

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Icemael4419d ago

Cool review. I might pick this up - you can never have too many sweet racing games.

Ziriux4419d ago

I think that the racing genre is under rated. I loved almost every racing games this gen, but import tunner challenge.

poindat4419d ago (Edited 4419d ago )

I'm going to have to pick this up! I was looking for TDU the other day, and I found the case but not the game. Too bad, as it was one of my favorite racers on the PS2. I will, however, be more than glad to replace it with the PSP version.

Between this and GT Portable, the PSP is sitting really comfortable with racers this year.

Elven64419d ago

Test Drive is definitely a underrated series

The Newt4419d ago

Nice review I have been dabating weather to buy this for my PSP ot not.

Reibooi4419d ago

nice review although I'm not really a racing junkie myself. The only real racing game I ever really got into that wasn't a acarde racer was Gran Turismo so I think i just may hold off on for the PSP version of that.

DeadlyDevil4419d ago

TDU was awesome for the 360, i can only picture it being good on the PSP. Too bad i dont play handhelds~

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