Cross Edge Review: Great Characters, Flawed Game

SCRAWL: "A game originally released in Japan in September 2008 finally releases in North America in May 2009. Cross Edge is the game I'm talking about, folks. As PlayStation 3's in need of RPGs, though more and more have been coming lately, we decided to pick up the latest from NIS America and give it a run-through."

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Marceles3799d ago

Guess I'm the only one that actually likes the game. Flawed gem in my opinion. I haven't played a deep RPG like this in a long time. The story is pretty decent (corny voice acting, but that's nothing new), deep combo-based gameplay where defense breaking the enemy is's alot like Disgaea if they made it in RPG form.

Myst3798d ago

Nah, your not the only one I like it to. Just wish I had more time to play it now.

N4Sony3799d ago

Demon's Souls shall have to satisfy my RPGing in fall to hold me till WKC and FFXIII.

SpoonyRedMage3798d ago

No love for Resonance of Fate?

Kamikaze1353799d ago

I can understand the low scores given to this game, but I still love it.

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