AtomicGamer: The Beatles: Rock Band Preview

AtomicGamer writes: "I'm sure other previews have come from the perspective of a huge fan of the band, bringing up issues completely different than the ones I've mentioned, and I'm sure that each of our issues will look totally ridiculous to each other. But for me, the most fun I've had in Rock Band comes from playing together with friends and family, and I can't even count up four people that are any more than idle admirers a relative few of The Beatles' songs - well, not without hitting up my extended friend network. For my close-knit group of friends, we'll probably pick up The Beatles, but I imagine we'll still spend more time in RB2 and Guitar Hero 5 and those games' downloadable content. I don't plan on keeping a journal to track the hours in each, but I still plan on checking out The Beatles: Rock Band when it's released on September 9th".

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TomMcBaum3798d ago

He has "put on a few Beatles albums in the background" but never really got into them. The Beatles were most definitely a "foreground listening mode" band. Songs like a Day in the Life or Strawberry Fields Forever are practically the antithesis of background music.