Two Worlds Screens: What Happened ?

Here are some recently released screens of Two worlds that look nothing like the originally released screens. The screens on the left are older the screens on the right are the newer ones.

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Dlacy13g4264d ago

I am not exactly sure what to think as I dont' know if the images on the left or the right were the first shots, etc. I mean if that really is before and then after left to right then the developer clearly has a TON of work to do to make this game look even remotely decent.

techie4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

uh oh. I'm confused.

Maybe this is a Mass Effect moment...

Rockstar4264d ago

Perhaps so it wont crash?

InMyOpinion4264d ago

LOL! I had high hopes for this game to be good. It might still be fun to play though. Btw, I did'nt know it was also coming to the Ps2. I thought it was only PC/360, but these screens clearly indicate a Ps2 version is in the works...

CAPS LOCK4264d ago

may be right, maybe its just the ps2 version vs the 360 version. but if it aint then i would be wondwering wtf they have been doing all this time!

InMyOpinion4264d ago

The sad part is that I was being ironic...I really wish there was a Ps2 version =(

ImTheNumber124264d ago

Yeah it's the ps2 version...because the ps2 controller has the same buttons as the xbox.

Close_Second4264d ago

...and its actually the PSP version. If they are then wow!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

I was thinking about gettng a portable. DS or PSP which controls better?

Sphinx both have games but which controls better for first person and third person games. Not much a puzzle games lover I need things to shoot at or slice up with a sword or somthing.

Sphinx4264d ago

but I may get a PSP soon. I chose the DS first based on the games. Which one has the games you think you'll like?

Close_Second4264d ago

I once owned a PSP. Although the graphics where impressive from a handheld console perspective, most of the games on the PSP...well...suck. There are a small number of standout titles but most are just cut down versions of their older sibling (i.e. the PS2). The PSP is screaming out for more games that are built specifically for the PSP. The DS has superior gameplay as their games are designed for the DS - to expoit all its posiives.

If you're not just after a PSP for gaming be warned, music playback is not as good as you'd get with a mid range MP3 player. You dont get many equalizer options and base is weak - especially if you use the default headphones that are included with the PSP. Oh yes, the in-line remote on the headphones is cheap and nasty also.

Regardless, you should budget to buy a 2Gig or 4Gig card with your PSP as anything less is rather pointless. Especially now that you can encode video at maximum PSP screen resolution.

Anyway, if you decide to get one the check out for encoding movies to your PSP.

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The story is too old to be commented.