Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Scans (Edge Magazine)

A user on the Codemasters forums has uploaded some new scans of Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising from EDGE magazine.

Executive producer Sion Lenton had this to say about his game:
"Operation Flashpoint will destroy every other FPS for you. I played Killzone 2, got excited about it, checking out the competition. But it's just: go down there, hit a dead-end, oh--there's a cutscene. Once you've experienced this wide-open combat, you realize how little there is to do in other games." (last paragraph of 4th page)

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T2theO4038d ago

Been looking forward for this game for a while now. I haven't found a games multiplayer enjoyable enough for me to let go of COD4.

Statix4038d ago

Well, in my eyes (and if everything goes to plan), MAG will be that game to replace COD4/MW2's multiplayer for me. But Operation Flashpoint 2 will be the game that replaces the story campaign of COD, with its 225km wide-open world, 4-player co-op, and (presumably) much more tactical/hardcore gameplay.

XLiveGamer4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Fnck MAG and COD MW2.
Operation Flashpoint 2 Dragon Rising and ARMA 2
both games are enough to keep you entertained away from all the other war shooters for like 3 years on PC & Consoles. Why getting MAG or COD when you can spend your money on this 2 titles (Operation Flashpoint 2 & ARMA 2) and have a more challenging experience and the most realistic FPS War Games ever? But if you are one of those who like FPS War Simulation Wanna Be games then get the others FPS Hollywood B.S. Action War Games.

Im getting Dragon rising for Xbox 360 and ARMA 2 for PC first and then a year later Arma 2 for Xbox 360 and Dragon Rising for PC. Why you ask? because of my friends on Xbox 360.

Viva La Online Gaming!