8.0 Prototype Review writes, "Generally the bad guy in video games are always frowned upon, although you do feel some hatred towards the character it's usually more fun to play as the evil protagonist, Alex Mercer in no different. Mercer doesn't care who's in his way he will go through them to find more out about his life and the situation he finds himself in as well as the state of New York City finds itself in. Through Mercer's disregard for humanity, it seems to be much easier to enjoy the game. Let me explain myself, generally, in games, the good guy always has to save civilians, make sure they don't harm the innocent an occasionally choose whether to be good or bad. Not having to bother about this allows you to charge through streets and roads causing as much destruction as you'd like."

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Tee7soo3807d ago

its a good game for players who want to feel like a bad as$
i give it 7.5/10 .

Last Likely Lad3807d ago

yes, it definately makes you feel badass :)