Review:Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures Ep. 3: Muzzled (TGH)

TGH writes:
"Another month, another episode of "Wallace & Gromit." Unlike the previous two episodes, episode three of "The Grand Adventures" series one focuses more heavily on Gromit, and you spend most of your time playing as him. This won't come as a surprise though, as the plot is focused on lost dogs (who are cute enough to make grown men lose their puberty). It is definitely a change of pace from the rest of the series, but is it enough to redeem itself from the disappointing "The Last Resort" while besting "Fright of the Bumblebees"?

The plot is as follows: the local puppy shelter has been destroyed by a violent storm, leaving three homeless dogs running around the streets, terrorizing the citizens of West Wallaby Streets. Wallace decides to create an invention to help raise funds for the puppy shelter by creating the Infiniflavor Ice Cream Maker, an invention on four wheels will take any sample you provide and create an ice cream flavor for it. Fortunately..."

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