Koku Countdown: Top 5 New Characters of this Generation

Koku Gamer writes: "I think it's safe to say that we all are commonly driven to play games for about the same reasons. Be it to unwind after a long day, to reduce stress, or really just to have a good time. But sometimes we are met with a little more than just those expectations. There are times when a game can wrap us so deep in a story and its characters that we have trouble distinguishing reality from the virtual world. We forget that it's just a game and we should probably turn the lights out, lock up, and go to bed. In no other prior generation have we been able to connect with characters as well as we have with the characters of today. These characters have displayed a distinguishable trait that many other characters seem to lack. They have style, flavor, and personality. These are the top 5 new characters of this gen that made us care."

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lilbudman3799d ago

haha, brucie is my dawg. lol

Ziriux3799d ago

I fail to notice what appeal people see in Brucie.

ShabzS3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

haha... yah yah .. brucie was awesome... after brucie ... ken rosenberg might be the 2nd best gta character followed by OG loc..

jcgamer3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

lol :)


yessir, the Drakester is definitely a great choice for #1 in my opinion :)

Mindboggle3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

I thought brucie was amazing aswell. He really cheered the game up and gave it that legendary GTA humour...

Natahan Drake i think though was a good choice for 1st...The humour was good in Uncharted and hes a very likeable character...

Shane Kim3799d ago

Love Drake. He made the game so much alive and some of the things he said/did just felt like something that I could say/do.

I think Brucie was annoying. I like Ricardo Diaz alot more. (He was annoying too, but in a comical way.)

blind-reaper3799d ago

@ 1.2

Imagine Brucie and OG. Loc together??? WHACK!!!

"hey im the man in the place, punch u in the face, a gun in my waist its OG loc loc loc loc loc"

In my opinion Bellic is a cool dude, but I'm kind of tired of the tough "I have no feelings" chareacters.

Marcelles253799d ago

kratos came to mind when you said that but his personality really suits his character being the god of war and all

ChozenWoan3799d ago

Should replace Nicky with the best of the hired killers ever known.

The_Count3799d ago

Nate is almost as great as counting.

Ah ah ah.

mal_tez923799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Drake is just the most beliveable game character ever. The way he reacts to grenades landing near him or bullets flying past him is freakishly realistic. A well detailed character with animation that surpasses all other games. He's one of the main reasons Uncharted is my favourite game ever.

@ Above
I didn't understand your comment until I looked at your name and picture. But then I laughed so hard!

Edit: Can't wait for Among theives!

badz1493799d ago

he's feels so real throughout the game which made Uncharted a lively experience! love him and can't wait for Among Thieves!

3799d ago
Cenobia3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )


I don't think Altair was a good character at all. Sure, he's a badass, but I don't recall any development or anything. I seem to remember him being kind of a d!ck be fair I didn't play through the whole game myself (although I saw how it ended). Basically Altair was a killing machine, lacking all emotions except extreme anger.

And I'd have chosen Roman over Brucie. Roman was more developed and likable. Actually, I'd have chosen Roman over Niko as well. I did not like GTA all that much, but I liked Roman (which made me hate the game even more).

@brandonk129 - I'm not exactly a 360 fan, but you need to get off the drugs. Making a decent argument would be a lot better than spamming crazyness. Also, I don't see how your comment is the least bit relevant.

edit: look what you've gone and done. The rest of this thread is going to turn into stupid, useless fanboy bickering.

CaptainAmerica3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

@brandonk129, have fun playing a game with really crappy gameplay.

Beast_Master3799d ago

I don't own an 360 but even I would have to put at least a 5th place vote for Marcus Fenix. I mean you buy a 360 for Marcus or Master Chief. Dude has sold like over 10 million copies.

Sorry Nico is cool and all but he is not going to spin off a trilogy. He will only ever be GTA4 character.

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Reibooi3799d ago

Travis Touchdown should be number 1 that is all. Oh and any character from a Grand theft auto game should not even be on the list since they are nothing you haven't seen in any retarded gangster movie in years past anyway.

Ziriux3799d ago

Hahah, nice Reibooi. Not a fan of GTA IV? hehe

Gun_Senshi3799d ago

i agree with him

travis should be number one.

Also GTAIV Cast and story was horrible. GTA Vice City had great characters but all rip off from Scar Face.

Tony P3799d ago

^^^There's quite a difference between ripping off and paying homage.

DeadlyDevil3799d ago

Needs shepherd ... Mass Effect is best game of this generation... :/

shocky163799d ago

List needs moar Shepherd.

Ziriux3799d ago

Ohhh what! Indeed Shepard is sick, but you can make Shepard look all kinds of ways, these characters are at least unique.

Reibooi3799d ago

I will agree shepherd was awesome but to some degree the player made shepherd who he or she was so that could be a reason to be excluded from the list.

Ziriux3799d ago

I agree, sure he was epic but not him self.

SevWolf3799d ago

Well, eventhough you choose how Sheperd looks and what he answers...but his answers were so well written, and the renegade answers and actions were just hilarious...(FALCON PAWNCHing the reporter FTW)...I would have put him/her in the place of Brucie, that character was okay, but the rest of the list was pretty accurate...Drake deserved #1

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Funqy3799d ago

Interesting list, needless to say. I agree with DD, needs Shepherd. :)

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