Top Five News Stories at E3 2009

Associated Content: "The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was held this year in Los Angeles. It is the most prominent video game event of the year where gaming companies gather to showcase their latest products. E3 is also a popular choice to make big announcements, especially for the big three console companies: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. So which were the biggest stories that broke during E3 2009?"

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Whiskers3804d ago

Did they touch on the fakeness of some of the stories?

GWAVE3804d ago

I'm still puzzled why "Exclusive Rockstar North game coming to PS3" is not considered big news.

Oh well. The American gaming media is pretty dang good at damage control, so I guess I'll just chalk it up as "one of those things".

And only Associated Content would consider "Facebook integration" as big news, because Facebook has already been available on the PS3 and Wii through the web browser. "Oh, but it's not INTEGRATED!!!!" Oooooooo, big whoop.

ShabzS3804d ago

give em a break... there really wasnt much to report about it was there... they didnt show any art work screens trailers or anything .... not even the agent's logo.. only a rockstar symbol.. the game will be impressive no doubt but at the moment there really isnt much to report about it

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KionicWarlord2223804d ago

5. Facebook Implementation
4. Nintendo Giving Back to Hardcore
3. PSP Go
2. Motion Control Wars
1. E3 Return to Prominence

A lot of interesting things happen at e3...cant wait for next year`s.

ExgamerLegends23804d ago

This was in regards to facebook implementation.


Szarky3804d ago

Who cares about Facebook. I have an old friend who is obsessed with it and he's a total douchbag. Facebook is great if you're a creep and like peeping on peoples lives.

ShabzS3804d ago

haha... i guess i must be a creep then ... all my high school frndz are on facebook and now that we've all moved on to differnt places and colleges... that's the only way we keep in touch... i think facebook still has some meaning

Szarky3804d ago


If you got couple minutes to kill. Watch that.