Skewed and Reviewed Podcast #1

Following up the announcement of their pending magazine, Skewed and Reviewed launch their first Podcast which features reviews of the several games including Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, Prototype, Grand Slam Tennis and More. This is a test Podcast as they have not added the polish that will be on future podcasts.


Volume and Content was updated.

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DragonWarrior_43804d ago

This is officially the most boring podcast I ever heard. Just stick to the reviews guys.

Garethvk3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Did you read the part about test Podcast? How we will be adding Video, Sound, and music in future ones? I do radio on one of the biggest morning shows out there. I know about radio and broadcasting. This was simply an off the cuff, unscripted, and raw test of the new software that I did early this morning. I had to make sure the thing worked properly so we can setup the server feeds, and then do the planned casts, as it would not do any good to have the stuff all recorded and find out there was an issue with the software.

I did not want to take the time to run the video and music feeds, add the FX and splice in the other segments to start, but trust me this will be solid when done the way we want it.

Here is some audio I did for the radio show Podcast

and a Radio Segment.