AppAdvice: Week In Review - June 20th Edition writes:

"iPhone OS 3.0 official debut

The final build of iPhone OS 3.0 made it's official debut on June 17th at 10 AM PT. Even before the debut, there was an issue with re-downloading apps for free from the device itself, but thankfully Apple said it was just a "bug." That wasn't the only bug to plague the release of the OS, as the Stocks and Weather apps stopped working for a brief period of time and the iPhone 3G S is the only device that is allowed to display a battery percentage meter for some odd reason. To add insult to injury, Apple removed our "More" tab without notice. Of course the iPhone OS 3.0 launch wasn't all bad, because it introduced all kinds of new features to play with which we conveniently put together in a single post. We also discovered a nifty trick where you can have more than the 180 allowed apps on your device. All in all, we are glad iPhone OS 3.0 is now in our hands..."

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