WorthPlaying:Wii Fit Plus Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "Nintendo seems to know how to make phenomena now. The Wii, with games like Wii Sports to attract an all-new casual audience (and has sparked a revolution, leading both Sony and Microsoft to show off new motion designs coming down the line), has managed to make hit after hit - especially with that little balance board and the included game, Wii Fit. Now, they're hoping to keep the success growing and get more Balance Boards out there for companies to use, with the introduction of Wii Fit Plus, a previous-game-included expansion. (They didn't explicitly mention to me at E3 whether or not it would be sold with and without a Balance Board, but the computers at my local GameStop indicate that it will replace the original Wii Fit and be sold with a Balance Board, at the same $90 cost.)"

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