Halo 3 Will Put Xbox 360 Further Ahead of PS3

By Rob Enderle of Digital Trends:

"Halo was the game that made the original Xbox; it was the one thing the PlayStation 3 still lacks - the game that defines the playing experience. While there are a lot of good games out for the Xbox 360, including Halo 2, it will be Halo 3 that will possibly go the farthest to define the power of that platform. Halo 3 is one of two games enabling Microsoft to push the limits..."

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Scythesean4265d ago

The funny thing is that I don't want to play against someone in a FPS if they have a PC and I have a console. FPS where made for the Keyboard and mouse which is why 360 owners will die badly against PC fighters.

The PS3 has 40 player online in a HD game and I don't see any 360 game doing that yet? Unless I missed a game somewhere? This guy is a joke, and if the only thing that the 360 can bring is the killing of it's owners in a PC vs 360 game then more power to them. I bought my PS3 to play PS3 games and users. I have my PC to play against other PC's, but killing 360 fanboys will be fun.

T-Virus4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

Resistance is pathetic in comparison.
Halo 3 isn't cross-platform, so no need to worry about PC users either.

fenderputty4265d ago

I'm a huge Halo fan. I've always been one. It's the one reason I miss my old 360. That being said, Resistance is a fine game and equally as good. Both games are fun, leave it at that.

Xi4265d ago

huxley, 100 on 100 eat your words.

Scythesean4265d ago

T-Virus why not compare? Resistance isn't anything but a great fun game. It is better then Halo in many ways. The fact you don't like it isn't a reason to say it sucks. Halo 3 is going to be a sweet game but it's not going to be anything more then halo 2 with pretty graphics. Wow a force field Yippy Doo! Look a new atv to drive, a cannon to shoot you lazy ass across the map. Just as many 360 fans said about resistance, Halo is another FPS with aliens and guns NOTHING NEW!

TheSadTruth4264d ago

I own both Halo 2 and R:FOM.. both are good games

I would say Halo 2 is better in EVERY single aspect except the plot and special features (skins, secrets, etc)

ASSKICKING4U4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

It doesn't matter how many players you play online, could be 40,32, 16 or it could be 8 , take a look at Gears of War there are only 2 teams of 4 players on each team and you can stay playing online for hours, Halo 2 was only 16 players total and there are still people playing that game. What matters the most is how much FUN you have, and what we all look for is how original we are from competition, yes you might have a point that FPS are made for PCs in a way cause they have a mouse and key board BUT Im looking foward to put my skills against them to see who is better, Im looking forward for a new challenge for something different and for the most, for FUN, lean mean pure FUN son..!!

Azza4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

resisistance is an wicked game really enjoyed it, but please why has anyone gotta say that halo is beta than resistance or vica versa?

Both are veery enjoyable gamez from my POV, isnt that the only thing that matters?

Personally I think all this "my platform exclusive is better than yours" crap is exactly that - the only people that think like that are fan boys (or whatever you call them) myself I love both resistance, halo and looking forward to each new iteration of both games.

Just my POV


P.s if someone hits disagree can they plz tell me why - I hada few peeps who havnt agreed before and Id just like to know why?

Is that too much to ask ;p

Edit: how much does it suck that Tottenham went outa the UEFA cup tonite so gutted.. I know I'm a spurs fan but if your English you gotta feel my pain!!!

Mattey4264d ago

first of all BLACK HAWK DOWN FOR XBOX already had 50 players per a game online so prettey much your an idiot, how about we dont see any ps3s doing THAT yet. second of all your an idiot and say something usefull next time

Legionaire20054264d ago

Perfect Dark Zero had 32 players and they were going to patch it up to 50 players in a update. Maybe Perfect Dark 2 will have 50 players.

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Bigmac5734265d ago

360 fanboys oughtta pray Bungie can pull off a miracle. The game looks like dogsh1t, alpha or not.

DrWan4265d ago

I haven't been following halo3 at all, but like i saw the video for multiplayer last night, i was like wtf? this is highly regarded halo3?? no way, so i keep on digging through the videos because i acutally thought it was Halo2??!!

Halo 3 really have alot of areas to work on, especially the animations imo. the way players move on un-even surfaces seem very last gen...not sure if u guys agree with me.

hal02 and hal03 comparison also wans't very impressive to me other than the improve texture..

InMyOpinion4264d ago

Do you guys seriously think it will look anything like in that Vidoq? That's the version they're using for the test part.


Hey bigmac, keep playing you only fun game you have RFOM and comment about another game when it actually comes out.

ThaTeflonDon4264d ago

You must have not seen it in HD on the 360 marketplace yet ...cause I would say it looks quite good as it is now....not spectacular but good.

But I really hope they do something about those gun sound effects ....cause after playing GRAW then RB6: VEGAS for the past couple of months ....Halo 2 sound effects sound like sh!t

Ps30074264d ago

Well this looks horrible. I mean bad.

I thought this would look better than Gears of War? Or atleast better than RFOM? Seriously it looks horrible

Glad they have more time to work on it.

marionz4262d ago

halo 3 isnt looking too special, and an xbox fan just for the record
i enjoyed halo and halo 2 but i felt the lack of emotion from the character left me feeling detached from the game, halo is good buy what makes it SO great?
the music in halo 3 blows me away, and yes i will still buy it, i dont know if its because i want to buy it or if its just because thats what xbox players MUST buy
and as for resistance...yep i loved it, its better then halo 2, tho the graphics aint much better, but i felt conected to the characters and the game, it plays just like halo so if you like halo gameplay how can you not love resistance?
at first when i put in resistance i thought [email protected] the graphics are nasty im not playing that game! but it grows on you, put the graphics aside and its a blast

Hayabusa 1174260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

All games in alpha code look like dogsh!t you retard. It seems you've still not recovered from having your head sniped off by Gears of war.

Edit: @ Marion: Ha! Resistance's crappy graphics grows on you...that's exactly how I felt about Call of Duty 2.(which I think is a good game by the way.)

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jwatt4265d ago

Halo is going to be good, I can't wait to play the beta may 16 but I think sony is going to have a good line up of games around the time Halo 3 releases.

gooner4265d ago

"Halo was the game that made the original Xbox"

sony splashing out $40 mil on killzone to counter this game i think halo will sell more but it will be interesting to see which ones better

"Halo 3 is one of two games enabling Microsoft to push the limits..."

JIN KAZAMA4265d ago

I'll tell you why. because that was the first decent game they had on the xbox. Soon as they got it, it was the ebst thing ever. That game isnt all that, i dont know why 360 fans love that game so much, its just a freakin FPS. I had Halo 1 and Halo 2, and I played it about 3 hours, and never played it again. Now, if you wanna talk about a sweet game on teh xbox, its OUTLAW GOLF, I LOVED THAT GAME, that was a sweet ASSSS game. But they messed it up on Outlaw Golf 2 though.

By the way, RFOM KICKS the CRAP outta Halo 1 and 2. So dont try to act like Halo is better than RFOM.