Downloadable Game Manuals Coming to Xbox 360?


"These days, game manuals have been shrunken down to the point of worthlessness. For example, the last game I've played is Prototype, which sports a full nine page manual - three pages of which are the table of contents and the software user agreement. Even when the manuals were monstrosities, I rarely read them, and I've thought for a while that printing them at all seems like a waste of time, money and trees.

If a posting in the Microsoft "Game Marketplace – New Arrivals" feed is to be believed, game manuals may be hitting the marketplace for download, potentially paving the way for the elimination of physical game manuals."

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FCOLitsjustagame3804d ago

Hey, if I don’t have to pay for them this would be a great service. Sometimes you buy a used game and don’t get the manual or loan your game out and the manual gets lost.

Not that you can’t look online and get this stuff anyway, but it would be darn convenient to be able to pull it up on the game console.

Blaze9293804d ago

Would really make sense with the Games on Demand thing they are launching as well as you said, sometimes you buy used games and dont get the manual with it.

I don't really read the manual for some games but sometimes they do give helpful info about stuff you can do that I would have never known about. SOME manuals...are just jokes...*cough EA games*

DevastationEve3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

yep. EA Games has the worst ever. Why do they even bother?

I remember when I first got MGS and how awesome it was just to look through Shinkawa's art throughout the booklet! That was just super cool.

And then there's Lunar SSSC and its awesome box set..., I actually still would like those box sets more.

rockleex3803d ago

Because some people don't have access to internet.

dannyhinote_133804d ago

Yeah, so long as this is free, I'm all for it. I doubt they'd charge.

Lifendz3804d ago

I mean, they have such a stellar record of not charging their consumers for every little thing /s

beavis4play3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

BUT, the "new" game price should DROP to 54-57 dollars. this may seem petty but, if they are doing this to reduce cost - doesn't it stand to reason that OUR cost should be reduced as well?

and my thinking here applies to ANY console......not a specific one.

ionicmoose3804d ago

You'd seriously pay $54-57 for a downloadable game? When you can get the box, disc, physical copy of the manual, plus the option to trade it in at a later date, for only $3-6 more?

I wouldn't pay more than $45 for a new game, and would expect a major discount on older titles such as Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, and Mass Effect considering how cheap they can be picked up now.

Not to mention on top of this the outrageous costs of upgrading your hard drive to accomodate these games.

poopface13804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

Id much rather have Most games on disk, but sometimes I might want to just DL a game. Especially an older, cheaper, impulse buy.

You people do know that the next step is allowing GAMES FOR RENT through a download. Youll pay some money and the game will delete its self in a week. maybe not, but Id be cool. I would much rather rent a game through DL than never get the game I want at blockbuster or waiting for the mail with GF.

Sitdown3803d ago

"Well I think its a great Idea
Id much rather have Most games on disk, but sometimes I might want to just DL a game. Especially an older, cheaper, impulse buy."

I think I would prefer my impulse buy to be physical media...cause should the game suck, at least I would be able to get some kind of money back from it...if traded in.

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Rezzolution3804d ago

Sounds about right. Who wants to download full games without a manual?

dannyhinote_133804d ago

I never read my manuals, so I probably wouldn't care too much. Some people do though...

akaFullMetal3804d ago

While good for some but tthose with out internet options could see this as a bad thing.

DevastationEve3804d ago

you couldn't download the game anyway...

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The story is too old to be commented.