Brand New Scans for Dragonball: Raging Blast

From XE:

"Check out some all new details and scans for the upcoming DBZ game. "

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AridSpider3799d ago

After seeing some gameplay I must say I'm not that excited for this title anymore and I'm really not feeling the new HUD

Blaze9293799d ago

Gotta agree with you on that note, especially about that HUD. The gameplay footage from E3 was really a bit of a let down and it honestly doesnt look that different from the past Tenkaichi games. Hopefully there will be a demo though, still wanna give this a try.

vhero3799d ago

I wish they would just go back to basics and restart the game from scratch these games get worse with every release..

ThanatosDMC3799d ago

Actually, for me the less you see the life/energy bar the better. Hell they need to take out the portraits too.

Let health equal to the amount of how the character looks/acts or his clothes getting torn to shreds, and let energy be measured by aura. If you're glowing you have lots of energy.

It'd be make it feel like you're playing an DBZ anime rather than something full of crap on screen.

Battle Damaged Goku vs Freeza 100% in Burst Limit looked awesome.

gintoki7773798d ago

I dont get why they keep making these games after budokai tenkaichi 3 its just all the same with different graphics.
If you want to make a dragon ball z game now make it an actual adventure like an open world
that would be 10x better than a fighting game for the series.

LoVeRSaMa3798d ago

Gimped game, no thanks.

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Omegabalmung3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

One thing I want them to get rid of is the invisible walls(more like force fields) because it slows down the pace when you are fighting in mid air. They should just have 1 stage per world but have the environment transition better.

Like in the begining of the fight you are fighting on the beach, as you keep knocking your opponent back you guys will end up in the snowy mountains or something along the line of that.

One thing I would like to see them add is powerlevels, I wont go into detail about powerlevels but I would love to see them somehow
implement it in the game.

But then again talking about it is easier them putting it in action.

Off topic: Thanatos that avatar of yours looks like my cousin back about 10 years ago. Had the same hair and literally has the same face as him lol. Makes me laugh every time I see it.

deshon093798d ago

lol that all it the same damn game