x360a: Prototype Review

x360a writes: "There are probably few things more enjoyable in a video game experience than having free reign to do as you please. Sandbox games have always been a unique beast, taking longer to develop and being harder to get right. With so many elements and so many different ways the player can explore the world provided, it is easier to find faults, inaccuracies or glitches that the development team may have missed or not been able to rectify before setting their game upon the market. Prototype, being of the sandbox variety, could easily be put under a microscope such as this and be found with only a few faults.

The plot centers around a man named Alex Mercer. Alex wakes up one day dead in a morgue. Okay, I guess he didn't technically "wake up dead," but the scientists who were about to autopsy him definitely thought he was. Taking offense, Alex slaughters them and escapes, as you do. He isn't sure what exactly is going on, but he has changed and so has the world around him, which in this case is Manhattan, New York. His first order of business is locating the only person he can remember, his sister Dana. She helps him unravel the mystery early on, as do some other characters introduced as the story unfolds and Alex learns more about what has happened to him, as well as what is happening to the population of Manhattan..."

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