Is horde mode the easy way out of traditional co-op?

Quentyn from writes: "Co-operative experiences in today's games online seems to be a huge selling point now than ever before. In my own observations, I've noticed many of the people on my friends list refusing to buy certain games without some form of online co-op. We even have fansites dedicated to the greatness that is the implementation of co-op in video games. With a few games released recently, we've been introduced to a new style of play that more easily facilitates drop-in/out, and I like to call them The Hordes."

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STARS3804d ago

If it's fun and people can get longevity out of it, then why should it matter? I know my buddies and I had a lot of fun with it all the way up to Wave 50. In all honesty, I think more developers will opt for gametypes like this in their future games instead of "traditional" co-op per se.

ogwilson3804d ago

It should matter because people like to play thru a story together. Yes i love the new modes, Im not saying they're bad, im askin why are traditional modes being sacrificed now for it? co-op campaign should be first priority, in my eyes.

Another One3804d ago

they'll do that. Traditional co-op has to be easier to implement than an entire new mode. I don't see companies moving to survival modes exclusively and leaving out real co-op campaigns.

ChampIDC3804d ago

The two modes go hand-in-hand most likely. Getting the AI to sync up on all sides is surely the hardest part of the net code. Once they get that down, all they need is a spawning system and new maps for a horde mode. There's no excuse to not have a co-op campaign if there's a horde mode.

SpoonyRedMage3804d ago

Horde mode's just a survival mode for shooters so no, no it's not.

ogwilson3804d ago

But its the fact that they keep calling it co-op campaign. first Terminal REality with Ghostbusters, and now Bungie with ODST. Who next?

Another One3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

ODST does have co-op campaign. They call their survival mode Firefight. It's best to keep both in a game. The "new" survival gametypes shouldn't be a replacement, but a great supplement, just like Gears and ODST.

Statix3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

I think horde mode co-op (Resistance 2, Gears, L4D) is more fun than traditional co-op, especially if there's a rating/point/experience system to evaluate which players did the best. In traditional co-op, it's just exactly the same experience as the single-player story campaign, except with multiple players. There's very little different about the experience. At least a horde-type of co-op mode changes up the experience, and provides a different type of gameplay for the player to try out.

Also, I value a strong challenge above anything else, and horde/survival-type co-op modes tend offer a slightly more challenging, intense experience than the storybased campaign, where adding additional players risks making the game even easier.

ptotoy3804d ago

is Uncharted 2's, a perfect mix of tradition co-op and some horde/survival.. resistance 2 is a close second.. L4D is fun but that's it -- no depth, no challenge (aka casual sh!t)

PirateThom3804d ago

Horde mode isn't a replacement, but I've found it to be more fun than actually playing the campaign with two players in Gears.

ogwilson3804d ago

Yea but why not cater to both crowds, then? People always prefer one thing over another, put it all in and make everyone happy, I say.