890° 'Release date from Gran Turismo 5 is Official'

PS3Hype writes: 'Yesterday we saw that was adding a release date for Gran Turismo 5 on their website. But nothing was confirmed by Sony. But today we've received an email from where they say that they've got the release date from the publisher/manufacturer of the game. So we finally can get our hands on one of the best driving games in November 2009! (If they don't delay it again).'

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n4g-gamer3797d ago

Lol @ the people who think its real.

Cyrax_873797d ago

and what if this is real? Are you going to die or something, does this game scare you? Just leave it alone.

HighDefinition3797d ago

8 days 11 hours ago

"I think, GT5 is going to be released in 2009, it`ll be right before Xmas. I think there will be a PS3 price drop and there will be a GT5 bundle. The release of the FULL GT5 will be a epic time for the PS3. I can`t wait. None compare to Polyphony Digital when it comes to racing, none"

Rock Bottom3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )


If true, it's just another GT5P.

Montrealien3797d ago

GT Portable lost in translation?

But if it is true, its would be cool, I can't wait to play this game. Sadly however I don't it will be true, at least not until sony make it official.

You can quote me on that HD. ;D

poindat3797d ago

Don't you guys think that if this was true, it would be plastered all over the front page here at N4G... and not just from one little site that I doubt many people have ever heard of?

And wouldn't the release date have come from Polyphony or Sony themselves and not from a retail distributor (especially when Play is the only one to claim this)?

Just saying.

Lifendz3797d ago

are all MS fanboys. Worried? Now is the winter of your discontent!

Kaliumhest3797d ago

It also states on the same page that it's the PAL version of the game and that it will only play on a European PS3.


Rock Bottom3797d ago

Is this the new thing here? calling everyo...

God, What was I thinking, responding that post!... countering this stupidity is not even worthy of my "free" time.

Just a friendly advice, you might want to check my previous posts, it will help you realize how wrong you were. Hopefully, it will stop you from making this kind of accusation in the future.

slopeseeker3797d ago

Nobody here seems to be 'hoping' it's not real. In fact, it sounds more like it's fans that won't believe that date until they hear an official announcement from Sony or PD.

gaffyh3797d ago

I'm still thinking this is a placeholder date, however the more I think about it, the more I can see it being announced later on.

There are still 2 major tradeshows left this year, European, gamescom, and TGS. Gran Turismo series is MASSIVE in Europe, bigger than Japan and North America combined. It would make a lot of sense to announce the game's release at gamescom. OR because it is a japanese developer, they might want to announce at TGS.

The only thing that goes against this theory is that lists uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank 2 as coming out on the same day. Lol. That's why I still think it's a place-holder date.

Jaces3797d ago

If Sony needs to do one thing right this's this.

Sarcasm3797d ago

I don't think it's real. Otherwise, they could have shown more at E3 than a friggin' 1 minute trailer.

Otherwise, if it's true. Then we all get to play "THE DEFINITIVE RACER THIS GENERATION"


tuglu_pati3797d ago

If is true, this and a price drop will kill the X360 this christmas, no doubt.

SuperM3797d ago

Sony is saving the announcement for Gamescom or TGS. But i believe this is true. After all, why the f'ck would Sony release their 2 biggest franchises during Spring 2010? Not happening.

indysurfn3797d ago

Common sense says if it was not at and HYPED at E3 it will not come out. They will be missing sales by not hyping the game at E3. (Unless they where avoiding it getting compared to the graphics on Forza three). If that is the case I can see it being true.

Uzesgelen_Goo3796d ago

i said it and you guys didn't believe it oh well here is proof hehe

rockleex3796d ago

The release date right now, because they want all the focus to go to GT Portable.

JL3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Like I said in the first post about this: I'll believe it when PD or Sony tells me it's so. Of course the site who posted it is going to come out and say they're right. I think that goes without saying, never expected them to come out and say "Nah, we're just making it up". That being said, I do have a gut feeling we stand a good chance of getting it this year. Just seems right. I don't see them putting it out like summer or beyond of next year. And being as how Heavy Rain and, more importantly, GOW3 hit next spring, that leaves the logical place being November or December that it hits this year, after UC2 has its spotlight.

By the way, to the guy who said "this just says PAL region". Granted, yes it does, however GT has always pretty much been released in NA and PAL regions at roughly the same time. Usually within a month at most of each other. And usually with the NA version coming even before the PAL version. So assuming this is right and it's the PAL release date, chances are in NA it will be released earlier (if going by tradition) meaning it could be early November, or even late October when we get GT5 (lol sorry could resist speculating like that cause I know that will get some panties in a bunch). Though I'd think chances are this time around we're going to get a fairly simultaneous release of GT5 in NA and Europe, or at least within a week or so.

So to sum it up: GT5 release date NOT official. Last I checked "official" meant it comes from the people themselves (PD or Sony, which i agree with Rockleex on and Sony/PD won't announce til the launch of GT PSP has come and gone), not from some random site saying they talked to somebody. THAT is hearsay.

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samich20073797d ago

why? it is real. I can sent you the email that we've received.

da720izcumin3796d ago

you know the ps3 really needs a year and GT5 will surely make it it will sell millions of ps3....
and help the ps3 win this gen.....
1 more thing...
forza >>> any racer

saint_john_paul_ii3797d ago

uh, I would wait till PD/Sony tells us so.

eagle213797d ago

But if this is REAL, I'm buying a copy for my brother, myself and my dad. Gran Turismo men 4life. :)

shawnsl653797d ago

i'm taking it as fake also. Don't want to get false hopes or anything.

ShabzS3797d ago

well if thats the case then this will be interesting... ps3 price drop with a decleration of gt5 release date all at tgs ... scratch that this will be very interesting

LarVanian3797d ago

Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo PSP this Christmas? Now that is what I call double trouble.
If GT5 did make it this year it would be more than just an icing on the cake for PS3 owners. It would be more like a stripper coming out of the cake.

Sitdown3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

bad analogy. According to some state laws you can't touch a stripper coming out of a cake, is a tease and eye candy at best. GT5 coming out...means you get to touch, taste, hear and see the goodness of racing....completely different league. Side note....not really sure the big deal with strippers coming out a birthday cake.....unless the "stripper" is significant other.

LarVanian3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

A stripper coming out of a cake would be a big surprise. Which is the same with GT5, if it came out this year it would be a big surprise.

EDIT- Point taken lol. But I'm pretty damn sure you'd be surprised if it was a male stripper lol.

Sitdown3797d ago

coming out of a cake would not be a big surprise.........cause if my friends rolled a big birthday cake around the corner, I think it would be pretty obvious. Besides, didn't they say the game could be released at anytime? But this is simply my frame of reference....

BlackPrince 423797d ago

You put the stripper in AFTER you bake the cake, not before.

-How I miss you Futurama

gaffyh3797d ago

@5.4 - Dunno if you know this, but Futurama has been renewed, i.e. it is coming back. Celebrate.

Sarcasm3797d ago

So if Gran Turismo 5 is a stripper coming out of a cake.

Then that makes Forza 3 a midget stripper with signs that says "DEFINITIVE STRIPPER OF THIS GENERATION"

Sitdown3797d ago got me there, cause that would be a surprise. Hahaha Definitely would not be blowing out that candle.

Good to see that Futurama is coming back...I hope it is able to retain the same brand of comedy that made the series so funny.

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